Women's Gym Wear

How long have you been compromising on your moves thanks to just poor, dysfunctional activwear? No more of that nonsense. Say hello to functional and comfy gym wear for women. At Blissclub, we engineer for performance. Shop women's gym wear innovated to move with you.
How long have you been compromising on your moves thanks to just poor, dysfunctional activwear? No more of that nonsense. Say hello to functional and comfy gym wear for women. At Blissclub, we engineer for performance. Shop women's gym wear innovated to move with you.
How long have you been compromising on your moves thanks to just poor, dysfunctional activwear? No more of that nonsense. Say hello to functional and comfy gym wear for women. At Blissclub, we engineer for performance. Shop women's gym wear innovated to move with you.Read less
How long have you been compromising on your moves thanks to just poor, dysfunctional activwear? No more.Read more

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Gym wear is clothing designed for use in the gym. Women gym wear is usually made using lightweight, breathable material that maximizes comfort and flexibility during exercise. In addition to providing support, women’s gym wear helps protect your skin from abrasions, sweat, and germs.

Blissclub presents to you super comfortable gym wear for women that let you move, and keep moving in comfort, style and ease. We engineer our collection of ladies gym wear keeping in mind the functionality of each apparel and how they can help you with your workout. If you are looking for high quality ladies gym wear you can wear to your gym and otherwise, look no further. We make them right, and we make them for you.

Women’s gym wear by Blissclub are designed to support all your moves, in and out of the gym. Innovative fabric that we use in our collection of gym wear for Indian women enable them to be extremely weather friendly, with multiple finishes we add to enhance them. Blissclub women gym wear are engineered to fit and flatter Indian bodies, of all shapes and sizes, because that is how we have designed them. Why shop gym wear that does not fit you right when you can buy gym wear that feels like it has been made just for you?

Ah, and the cherry on top. The functional features we bring you, in all our products. When we say we have the best gym wear, ever, we mean it. Our collection of girls gym wear are enhanced with features like drawcords, pockets, zippered pockets for added security, hidden pockets, because why not and so many more. Girls gym wear just get so much better when they are totally made for you, and all your moves. Now that you know where you can get the best gym wear ever, what is stopping you from clicking buy? Let’s dive into a little more about women’s gym wear, so you can get to know us better.

What are gym wear

Gym wear for women, also known as activewear or athletic wear, is a type of clothing designed specifically for physical activity and exercise. Women gym wear includes a variety of items such as sports bras, tank tops, leggings, shorts, and jackets. Generally, gym wear for ladies are made with moisture wicking fabrics and stretchy materials that allow for freedom of movement and comfort during intensive workouts.

Gym wear for ladies are designed to be both functional and stylish, with a focus on performance-enhancing features such as compression technology and breathable fabric that help regulate body temperature and reduce possibility of muscle injuries. The right gym wear for girls can help women feel confident and comfortable during their workouts, and may even improve their overall performance.

What are the benefits of gym wear

There are plenty of good reasons why you should invest in some high-quality gym wear for women. Here are some that will make you want to shop gym wear right away:

Comfortable, so you move right

Womens gym wear is designed to be comfortable and functional. Think stretchy, breathable fabric in gym clothes for women that move with you, not against you. This means you can focus on your workout, rather than adjusting your clothing every few minutes. Plus, many female gym wear pieces are made with moisture wicking technology that helps keep sweat at bay, so you can feel fresh and dry throughout your workout.

You move confidently and unabashedly

Womens gym wear can also help boost your confidence. When you feel good in your workout clothes for women, you're more likely to feel good about yourself, too. Wearing gym outfits for women that fits well and flatters your body can help you feel confident and empowered, which can translate into better performance during your workout.

Style options with multiple use cases

Gym wear for women comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. Stylish gym wear does exist and we are all for athletic wear that flatters! When you shop gym wear, you can express your personal style while getting fit. Plus, many female gym wear pieces can be worn outside of the gym, making them a versatile addition to your women gym clothes wardrobe.

Durable and long lasting

When you buy gym wear that is of high quality, it can save you money in the long run. Cheap, low-quality female gym outfits can wear out quickly and need to be replaced often. By investing in quality comfortable women’s gym wear that can withstand multiple washes and wears, you can save money and reduce your environmental footprint by not contributing to fast fashion.

Our gym wear collection

Blissclub brings you a variety of options of gym wear for women available across styles, sizes and colours. Buy gym wear online from us at great prices and ensure that you have the most comfortable gym outfits for all your moves - including yoga, training, running and more.


Shop gym wear for women online at Blissclub and get your hands on some of the most comfortable bottomwear ever created. Our collection includes super comfortable leggings. Unlike most other activewear for women, our gym leggings have pockets - more than you think you need!

Don’t want something too covering? Our shorts have got you covered - just how you like it. Be it cycling shorts for all your active moves or keeping things light all-day shorts, we have them all.

We also have yoga pants of different kinds, ideal for your relaxed, low key moves. These include cotton leggings but also track pants, joggers and more. Our collection of exercise clothes for women do extend beyond just our extensive collection of bottomwear.

Tops and Tees

Our women gym wear include multiple tops amd tees that are perfect for your everyday moves. We have a variety of tank tops that let you move free and completely unrestricted. Our gym tank tops are proper workout clothes that help you breathe and move pretty fairly comfortably.

Blissclub brings you t-shirts, full sleeve tops and more that make this the best place to shop fashionable gym wear for women online. Our tops and tees are super stylish and keep you moving in comfort and style.

Sports Bras

Our collection of sports bras include three different styles and more on the way, that keep you feeling comfortable but supported well as you make your moves. Buy women gym wear from Blissclub and enjoy how good they let you move and.


We are not limited to the assumption of the general gym dress for women options. Get women gym wear including accessories of different kinds - wearable and non wearable right here. While we have amazing women’s gym clothes for all your moves, our collection also include a super functional yoga mat, socks, underwear and more.

Fabrics we love for our women gym clothes

Our gym clothing is crafted in superior quality fabrics that we engineer and add very technical finishes to. Some of the fabrics we prefer include:

Cotton: Sportswear for women generally are not engineered using cotton as a fabric. Though this is a lightweight fabric that is highly breathable, it does not have properties of durability or moisture resistance. However, cotton is excellent for low impact workouts and low key moves. Yoga clothes generally comprise cotton as the primary fabric.

Polyester: Our gym t-shirts comprise polyester as do our bottomwear. Polyester is a quick drying and highly durable fabric for plus size gym wear even because of it’s durability. This is a fabric that has moisture resistance properties as well which enables it to dry quickly.

Nylon: Nylon is a soft and comfortable fabric that is also pretty durable. It is great for your high intense workouts and makes a great option for gym wear set for women. It is a premium fabric and keeps you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Spandex: Spandex is a great choice for gymwear given it makes them stretchy, compressive as well as shape-retentive. Spandex is an important fabric in activewear for women and we are pretty generous with just how much we use in all our clothes.

FAQs related to Women Gym Wear

What is gym wear?

Gym wear is clothing that you wear to the gym. It can be anything from a sports bra, to a pair of spandex shorts. Gym wear is usually made from materials that have sweat-wicking properties and are designed to be very comfortable.

What clothes should women wear to the gym?

Women should ideally wear comfortable clothing that offer enough stretch, recovery and durability. Ensure that your gym clothing is breathable, moisture wicking and keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout your workout sessions. You also need enough compression and clothing that stays in place.

Why is gym wear so important?

Gym wear is important because it allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin while you work out. If you're not wearing gym wear, chances are that your clothes will be too tight or too loose, and they may even irritate your skin as you exercise. Gym wear is also helpful because it prevents chafing, which can make you uncomfortable while working out.

Which fabric is best for women’s gym wear?

Polyester fabric, nylon fabric, etc work great for activewear as they are durable and strong while also being easy to take care of. Meanwhile, spandex fabric needs to be part of the mix as it offers maximum stretchability when compared to other fabrics.

How to choose gym wear?

Well, the first thing to think about is what kind of exercise you're going to be doing. If you're lifting weights, look for a pair of shorts with a large waistband so they don't ride down on your hips during lifts. If you're running on a treadmill or elliptical machine, look for pants that aren't too loose at the ankles. The second thing to consider is whether or not you plan to wear any other layers underneath your gym clothes. Also, keep in mind that the fit and fabric have to be great to give you the best experience.

What shouldn’t you wear to the gym?

Clothing that slips and doesn’t stay in place, makes you feel stuffy, is too tight, doesn’t allow for unrestricted movement, etc must be avoided when you are working out to ensure continued optimal performance.

Is it better to work out in tight or loose clothing?

The ideal workout session would have you wear right fitting clothes rather than loose fitting clothes or tight fitting clothes, as both could have negative implications on the effectiveness of your workouts. However, if you had to pick between tight or loose clothing, loose clothing works better.