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Gym wear is clothing designed for use in the gym. Women gym wear is usually made using lightweight, breathable material that maximizes comfort and flexibility during exercise. In addition to providing support, women’s gym wear helps protect your skin from abrasions, sweat, and germs. Gym wear for women can be used as versatile outfits you could wear at the gym and otherwise. You can buy excellent gym wear online at BlissClub for great prices to accommodate all your high and low-impact moves.

Different Types of Women’s Gym Wear Available on BlissClub:

We have all kinds of gym wear for ladies for you to move in and keep moving. Our collection of ladies gym wear includes:

Sports Bras: A quintessential component of gym wear for women is sports bras, and we bring you a variety of padded sports bras you can choose from depending on your moves and grooves. We have high-impact sports bras that offer wonderful support and compression- to bounce away the bounce. We also have low-impact sports bras made using amazingly soft CloudSoft fabric so you can wear them all day. Comfort and style? Our criss-cross sports bras offer you both and more!

Leggings: Good gym wear for ladies is incomplete without a pair of wonderful, soft leggings that scream comfort and support. We bring all kinds of multifunctional ankle-length leggings, cotton leggings, gym leggings, and serious sports leggings for all your moves. Our ‘The Ultimate Leggings’ have rocked your yoga sessions and Zumba exercise classes for days- now, let's step up the game with more. Also, ALL our leggings come with pockets!

Shorts: Whether you are after a pair of active gym shorts, stylish sports shorts sports shorts, or comfortable cycling shorts, we have them all for you. Our shorts offer great coverage and comfort- you can wear them all day, everywhere. Our cycling shorts make perfect cycling clothing paired with our tanks or sports bras. Move all day in our MAD shorts- comfort weaved into every inch. All our shorts are super easy to style as well.

Flare Pants: We bring you stylish, versatile flare pants that you can wear from work to workouts and just about everywhere else. Our high-waisted flare pants go great with all kinds of top-wear and workout clothes. A good pair of flare yoga pants let you move like a dream without any restriction. Our Werk-It Flare Pants are perfect for your back-to-work catch-up meetings and the after-party once work is done, whereas you could wear your Ultimate Flare Pants anywhere you like.

Tank Tops: Comfortable, keep-you-happy tank tops that all women love are a BlissClub specialty. We have active tank tops that you could use as gym tops and wear daily, styling them with shorts, leggings, flare pants, or anything else. Our tank tops include fitted or relaxed varieties, just as you need for your daily moves, indoor or outdoor.

T-Shirts: Plain old tshirts are ever so usual, and they barely function as effective workout t shirt options. Gym tshirts or not- comfort, stretchability, and breathability are important when picking out your tshirt for any activity or movement you have planned for your day. Our collection of tshirts includes loose-fitting boyfriend tees, cotton full-sleeve tees, and more in store for you.

Benefits of Women’s Gym Wear

There are several benefits you can experience when you adorn proper women’s gym wear- workout clothes for women and ladies gym wear has much more going on for them than you normally would expect.

Improved Breathability: Fabric that lets your skin breathe free is exactly what you want and need during an intense workout session. Gym wear and workout clothes for women are designed using highly breathable fabrics. Women’s gym wear keep you ventilated throughout your high-impact exercises and weight-lifting sessions, so you feel fresh and active instead of stuffy and tired after every yoga session, running exercise, and other physical activities.

Improved Workout Performance: A good workout session, such as a weight lifting workout, requires focusing on technique, and your performance directly translates into improved endurance and sustainable growth of strength and flexibility. Wearing good, moisture-wicking workout outfits for women or durable gym wear can help you move right, go running, cycle, stretch and improve performance without restricting yourself so you can grow stronger. Sportswear for women including gym clothes for women can directly impact and improve performance and help you push your limits by being lightweight and very non-restrictive.

Comfort: Comfort is important when it comes to being able to move freely. Gym wear for women, especially the right ones, ensures that you receive maximum comfort concerning the fit and the fabric. Hence, there is no restriction to how you move in your workout clothes when you indulge in low-impact exercises and high-intensity workouts. Made using stretchable fabric like spandex fabric (lycra material), they stretch comfortably over different women body shapes. As long as you feel comfortable in them, you have to worry only about your moves as you go about your gym workout and rock those high and low impact exercises. BlissClub brings you plus size gym wear and plus size activewear and activewear for women upto 4XL in different styles to maximize your comfort level.

Durability: Durability is super important in gym outfits for women meant for sporting activities. The material must be made of durable fabric like polyester fabric and be able to withstand multiple washes- activity can get sweaty. Durable and breathable fabrics ensure that your clothes don’t get ruined even if you use them multiple times, which is why this is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing sportswear for women.

How to Choose the Right Women’s Gym Wear

The right ladies gym wear makes a lot of difference to your workouts and it enhances your movement experience pretty significantly. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your ladies gym wear.

Style for Level of Movement: Depending on the kinds of sports and moves you plan to undertake, the styles of gym wear for girls you choose should be different. Different types of fits offer different benefits. Depending on whether you plan on lounging/moving lightly or performing highly intense workouts, you will have to decide between a relaxed fit that enables you to move freer or something snuggy, like leggings.

Based on Specific Activity: Some options are pretty obvious. If you want to go cycling and prefer comfortable and light gym wear that looks and feels great as you indulge in low impact movements, you would choose a good pair of comfortable sports bras or cycling shorts. Meanwhile, high impact sports bras would be great if you want to indulge in some Tuesday Tabata or other high impact exercises.

Comfort: Does your gym wear for women provide you with the comfort you need to perform all the movements you have planned for your day? Ask yourself this question when you pick out any kind of clothing: sports bra, tank tops or ankle-length gym leggings. It is important for gym wear for women to be comfortable- this is something you simply cannot overlook!

Your Routine! How do you plan to go about your day? Are you looking for gym wear that is versatile so you can wear them to work and then to your workouts? Or would you rather change your clothing before hitting the gym? Choose your women’s gym wear accordingly!

BlissClub: Bringing you the Best Activewear for Women

Our wide collection of activewear clothing currently includes a wide range of sports bras, bottomwear, tops & tees. You, much like all our other customers, love rocking their gym and activelife-aesthetics by dressing it up in our super comfortable and fashionable leggings (The Ultimate Leggings) which pair well with any of our sports bras.

Looking for something even more comfortable than buttery-smooth leggings that have more pockets than you can imagine? Check out our collection of shorts - perfect for staying in and reading that book you’ve been meaning to or for taking your doggo on a long walk. A casual shorts day out with no workout? Done. You are going to look fab in our capris, regular and flare pants that will let you move all day.

We love cotton tops just as much as we love boyfriend tees. And that is how much we love comfortable and super breezy tanks you can also use as loungewear. Which, no surprise, is how much we seem to adore kurtis, crop tops and tank tops. That’s why we have them all right here for you.

FAQ's related to Womens Gym Wear

What is gym wear?

Gym wear is clothing that you wear to the gym. It can be anything from a sports bra, to a pair of spandex shorts. Gym wear is usually made from materials that have sweat-wicking properties and are designed to be very comfortable

What clothes should women wear to the gym?

Women should ideally wear comfortable clothing that offer enough stretch, recovery and durability. Ensure that your gym clothing is breathable, moisture wicking and keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout your workout sessions. You also need enough compression and clothing that stays in place.

Why is gym wear so important?

Gym wear is important because it allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin while you work out. If you're not wearing gym wear, chances are that your clothes will be too tight or too loose, and they may even irritate your skin as you exercise. Gym wear is also helpful because it prevents chafing, which can make you uncomfortable while working out.

Which fabric is best for women’s gym wear?

Polyester fabric, nylon fabric, etc work great for activewear as they are durable and strong while also being easy to take care of. Meanwhile, spandex fabric needs to be part of the mix as it offers maximum stretchability when compared to other fabrics.

How to choose gym wear?

Well, the first thing to think about is what kind of exercise you're going to be doing. If you're lifting weights, look for a pair of shorts with a large waistband so they don't ride down on your hips during lifts. If you're running on a treadmill or elliptical machine, look for pants that aren't too loose at the ankles. The second thing to consider is whether or not you plan to wear any other layers underneath your gym clothes. Also, keep in mind that the fit and fabric have to be great to give you the best experience.

What shouldn’t you wear to the gym?

Clothing that slips and doesn’t stay in place, makes you feel stuffy, is too tight, doesn’t allow for unrestricted movement, etc must be avoided when you are working out to ensure continued optimal performance.

Is it better to work out in tight or loose clothing?

The ideal workout session would have you wear right fitting clothes rather than loose fitting clothes or tight fitting clothes, as both could have negative implications on the effectiveness of your workouts. However, if you had to pick between tight or loose clothing, loose clothing works better.