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Teri Kumari

Yoga Teacher

The best of the best I love the way these Flare pants look - so flattering, so comfy. Amazing for any kind of movement. Without a doubt, go for it.

Priya Nair

Marathon Runner

I'm 45 years old. I've completed numerous marathons, .. and have practiced yoga for the last 18 years .. Having used several activewear brands, none have made me as happy as Blissclub's ultimate legging.

Gretel D'Souza

So comfy even new Momas love it!

Mommy's new favourite ❤️😜 I've always been in love with high waisted pants, & with a mommy pouch .... after recently delivering my baby during the pandemic, I've wanted something that can be comfortable at the same time be used all day. My search has ended with the TUL

We love movement - from the intentional to the incidental, from dance to HIIT, from taking a walk to watering the plants. We believe in its power, its power to transform lives.

And that's what we keep in mind while engineering each product for you, so that no matter how you move, you are comfortable.

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