We are BlissClub

A homegrown Indian activewear brand, we are here to create for every moment of a woman’s active life.

We craft for #MovingIt

We couldn’t believe that no one, and we mean NO ONE made quality and comfortable and performance-driven products for women who danced, gymmed, or did yoga.

And so we did. We design kickass activewear so you can experience happiness with every degree of movement - from low-intensity walks to high-intensity cardio.

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Wearing the ultimate leggings has given me self confidence & comfort together


You know you are a mother when you can juggle a baby and still manage to workout in these super awesome, super fitting leggings.


So everyone is talking about the fit, the fabric etc which is outstanding in all your products. But the placement of the pockets in these pants and the leggings is pure genius!


We celebrate the journey of fitness, and not just the end goal. And our products it’s for every type of ‘mover’!



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We’re spreading Happiness

Did you know, when you move, your body rewards you with a rush of endorphins - and HAPPINESS? When we found out, it became our mission - to spread happiness through movement.

And that’s what we do with every product, every experience, and for every woman in India.

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