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We bring you a collection of our beloved women Flare Pants, and unlike your regular old track pants for women, each of these are so versatile, so you always move in style. There is just so much to love about these extremely comfortable and superiorly soft pairs of high waisted flare pants that you can wear quite literally anywhere. To begin with, these girls flare pants are crafted using our signature fabrics comprising just enough spandex to give you a wonderful 4-way stretch so you can make your moves. All our fabric is as breathable as it is breathtakingly lightweight. Also, the unique knitting technique implemented ensures that your pants are in no-way transparent.

And the fit? Just right. Unlike most flared trousers or women’s flare pants you usually come across on the market, we have paid great attention to ensure that you feel and move effortlessly in these almost bell bottom pants. There’s a flare for all, whether you need one of a size that is regular (upto 5’4) or tall (above 5’5). Our flared pants come with a foldable waistband that does not move, even when you do. The waistband on our flare pants for girls is stretchy and adjustable, so don’t worry about those days when you feel a tad bloated- your BlissClub flare yoga pants have got your back.

So, What are Flare Pants?

Some call them bell bottom pants, others know them as simple wide-leg pants and yet others call them flared trousers. Women Flare Pants are a specific category of women's bottomwear that give you quite the hug towards your hips and thighs but flare out on the lower part of your legs. A style dating back to the early nineteenth century, bell bottoms were not about fashion but about function, given that this was the style adopted by the US Navy. Because of the comfort and stretchability offered by these flare pants for women: casual, flare leggings are also known as the ‘OG yoga pants’. These are not exactly gym pants, but with BlissClub flare pants, you can move as you like in them.

What do you wear with women's flare pants?

There are so many things that go great with flare pants. There are different kinds of tops that you could wear with flare pants to style them for the day:

Crop Tops: A well-fitted crop top paired with flare trousers creates a comfortable and stylish look that can be worn for various occasions such as a day out at the cafe, work, or walks.

Sports Bras: For a unique workout outfit, pair flare pants with pockets and a sports bra for a stylish active look. Our flare pants pants are perfect for low impact exercises like yoga.

Sweatshirts: Sweatshirts and hoodies are perfect for chilly outings or lounging and pair well with women's flare pants, which are a great option as daily wear pants for ladies. The combination of a sweatshirt and fashionable pants creates a comfortable and stylish casual look.

Long Shirts: Long shirts and flare pants create a versatile look that can easily transition between casual and formal occasions. Style fashionable these pants with plain or printed oversized shirts for a complete look.

Where Can You Wear BlissClub Flare Pants for Women?

Offering you a supremely comfortable fit that ensures seamless movements, BlissClub flare pants for women can be worn pretty much anywhere, for all your light and happy moves. You can wear them when you step out for your:

Coffee Runs: maybe not when running, but definitely for those caffeine hits.

Walk in the Park: the stretchable fabric ensures that you can stride as you like.

Yoga/Pilates Sessions: excellent for stretching and getting your pose on.

Tug of War Battles: high waist pants that stay in place as you tug away.

Bowling Dates: bowl and be bowled by just how comfortable you feel in our flares.

Hiking Plans: explore beautiful paths and trails while feeling comfy and stylish.

Gardening: Get snipping, trimming, cutting & digging-all moves accommodated!

Bird Watching: Watch those birdies soar, in your flares that let you stretch more.

Why Choose BlissClub Flare Pants?

Comfort: Comfort is a top priority, our unique women's flare pants provide the perfect balance of comfort and style, making them ideal for transitioning from work to leisure activities. Whether you're looking for durable nylon flare pants for women or comfortable cotton flare pants for yoga, you can trust BlissClub to deliver the ultimate comfort experience.

Pockets: we understand the importance of pockets and how much everyone loves them. That's why we make sure to include pockets in every pair of flared pants for women we create. Flared pants with pockets are a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and able to move freely throughout the day. So, why not purchase a pair of flared pants online right now and experience the convenience of pockets for yourself?

Fit: At BlissClub, we believe that fit is just as important as comfort. Our flare pants for women are designed to flatter all body shapes while allowing maximum movement. We understand that most comfortable women's flare pants don't prioritize fit, but at BlissClub, we believe that functionality and flattering fit go hand in hand. You'll look and feel great in our flare pants, no matter your body shape.

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If you're looking for even more comfort, check out our collection of shorts. They're perfect for lounging around the house or taking your dog for a walk. Whether you're going for a casual day out or no workout at all, our capris, regular and flare pants will keep you looking and feeling great all day.

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FAQ's related to Womens Flare Pants

What are flare pants?

Flare pants are wide-leg pants that fit you snugly towards the hips and thighs but flare out towards the legs and below. These are pants that are originally known as bell bottom pants and were part of the US Navy styling.

What is the difference between flare pants and flare leggings?

Flare pants generally come in a variety of fabrics that could also include the leggings. There are different kinds of flare pants out on the market including those made of denim.

Where can we wear flare pants to?

Flare pants can be worn to work, to mild workouts, for your walks, rollerblading and more. They are versatile and stylish.

How to style flare pants?

You can pair flare pants with almost any kind of tops/tees you like. It’s up to you ultimately- how to style flare pants is a decision you can take easily because there are so many ways. We suggest a lovely, fitting crop top or something oversized like a long shirt. You can buy flare pants online, and pretty much wear them everywhere offline.

How should I take care of my BlissClub flare pants?

Wash-care instructions are product specific and you can find detailed information on the website as well as the inner cards sent to you with the product. Do not bleach or dry clean your flare pants and be careful not to wash them at high temperatures.

Are flare pants not flattering?

This is so not true. Flare pants flatter you just like leggings do- they just flare out towards the legs to create a stylish, bell-bottom look. Flare pants provide a long-leg look most women love.

Are flare pants the same as flare jeans?

If you take the style into consideration, flare pants and flared jeans are pretty much the same. The primary difference is that flared jeans contain denim fabric which may get slightly uncomfortable if worn for long periods.

Are BlissClub flare pants high waisted?

Oh yes, they are high waisted-just like you like them. They can also be worn mid-waist if that’s how you want to style them.

Can I wear flare pants formally?

We would say that flare pants bridge casual and formal bottomwear and could be worn formally in semi-formal settings.