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Easy ways to earn more Blisscoins

Frequently asked questions

What are some cool ways to earn more BlissCoins?
  • Create account - 1000 Blisscoins
  • Leave us a review - 1000 Blisscoins
  • Follow us on instagram - 500 Blisscoins
  • Tell us Your Birthday - 500 Blisscoins
  • Make a purchase - 1 Blisscoin per Rs 1 spent
  • You get an additional 500 BlissCoins on a purchase only if you spend above ₹5000 in a single cart
  • You can earn BlissCoins on a maximum of 3 reviews. While submitting the review form, please make sure you use the same email address you have used to sign up for the rewards program. It takes 24 hours for the review to be verified and processed
When will my BlissCoins get credited post purchase?
BlissCoins earned on each purchase will be credited to your account once the order is shipped.
Where do I find the number of BlissCoins left?
  • You can login to your account to view
  • You can view & redeem your blisscoins at checkout on the payments page
How do I redeem my BlissCoins?
Click on "Redeem Blisscoins" under payment methods on checkout page. Once clicked, enter your OTP so we can understand how many blisscoins are available in your account. The number of blisscoins you can redeem depends on the amount that you are shopping for.
Can I redeem all my BlissCoins at one go?
1) ₹100 off by using 1000 BlissCoins, min order value 995.
2) ₹300 off by using 3000 BlissCoins, min order value 1995.
3) ₹400 off by using 4000 BlissCoins, min order value 2995.
4) ₹500 off by using 5000 BlissCoins, min order value 3995.
5) ₹700 off by using 7000 BlissCoins, min order value 4995.
6) ₹1000 off by using 10000 BlissCoins, min order value 6995.
7) ₹1500 off by using 15000 BlissCoins, min order value 9995.
You get an additional 500 BlissCoins on a purchase only if you spend above ₹5000 in a single cart.
I have used BlissCoins on an item I returned. How do I get my BlissCoins back?
If you spent your BlissCoins on an order you returned, but want to use the same coins again on a future purchase, reach out to our Customer Bliss team on Whatsapp and Natasha will credit the BlissCoins back to your account.
I have placed an order, but cancelled it - will you revert my coins ?
The coins that you earned while purchasing, will be deducted from your account, if you return the product.
When will my BlissCoins expire?
The expiry of coins is 1 year.
I have a different question. Can you help?
If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding our rewards program, please reach out to our Customer Bliss team on WhatsApp and Natasha will be happy to help.