The Ultimate MamaMove Leggings

Rs. 3,149 Rs. 2,499

The Ultimate MamaMove Leggings

Rs. 3,149 Rs. 2,499
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Rs. 3,149 Rs. 2,499

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  • 27% Spandex
  • 2 Pockets
  • Over-the-belly Fit
  • Can be worn during and after pregnancy


  • Made with our signature CloudSoft fabric - brushed yarns that are super soft, comfortable and a lot more durable
  • 27% Spandex and 73% Polyester


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Easy and free exchanges and returns within 10 days, no questions asked (Check out our return policy)


  • Keep me clean and toss me into your machine. Wash cold. Don’t tumble-dry.
  • Hang me out to dry. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Never EVER dry clean me, tumble-dry, iron or bleach me.


  • Made with our signature CloudSoft fabric - brushed yarns that are super soft, comfortable and a lot more durable
  • 27% Spandex and 73% Polyester


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Easy and free exchanges and returns within 10 days, no questions asked (Check out our return policy)


  • Keep me clean and toss me into your machine. Wash cold. Don’t tumble-dry.
  • Hang me out to dry. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Never EVER dry clean me, tumble-dry, iron or bleach me.

Customer Reviews

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Very comforting

Please get XL size in Black

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Why we made this?

The Ultimate MamaMove Leggings has been designed for comfort, comfort, COMFORT for active moms-to-be. With an expanding over-the-belly waistband, it’s perfect for your growing baby-bump - giving you the support and style you want to keep you active. You can wear this for your prenatal yoga classes, while meeting friends and family, while decorating the nursery and even for travel - it is meant for movement. The CloudSoft fabric, flat seams and extra stretch ensure you can wear this all-day without feeling restricted or itchy. So, mama, keep #MovingIt and we’ve got you covered.

Made for Comfort

Made with 27% spandex that gives you more stretch and a comfortable fit across your body

Made with our signature CloudSoft fabric - brushed yarns that are super soft, comfortable and breathable over your belly

No elastic or tags, so you can say goodbye to marks and itchiness

The waistband expands to accommodate your baby bump through your 2nd and 3rd trimester

The crotch-gusset keeps awkward camel-toe situations at bay

Made for Support

The over-the-bump panel is curved in front to give you belly support during your workouts

The high-waist provides high-coverage for your baby-bump - giving your baby enough room to kick, while swaddling your belly in CloudSoft softness

No elastic or tags, so you can say goodbye to marks and itchiness

Designed for all Indian body shapes and sizes, so mamas-to-be from XS-elene to XXXL-una can grow comfortably and confidently

Made for Movement

2 pockets for you to carry your essentials with you

Flatlock seams prevent chafing, rashes and irritation on your skin

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfy throughout the day

No branding and no logos on the outside so you can pair it and wear it from walks to workouts, and from desk to dinner - for every moment of your active lifestyle

Maternity Leggings by BlissClub

Maternity clothes, inarguably, have to be comfortable and durable- as your wonderful body expands to accommodate new life, all you want to feel is covered, protected, and loved. If you want to buy a pair of new leggings for pregnancy, your major concerns would be along the lines of- would it comfortably expand? Will I be able to move freely in them? And finally, what would I do with my pregnancy leggings once the pregnancy is done? BlissClub maternity wear has you covered- in all ways, so don’t worry. We bring you leggings for maternity, well, primarily for maternity, which you can use much later- for a stroll at the park with the pram or to chase after your toddler.

Because we understand that comfort for movement is possibly the most important thing and the one thing you look for when it comes to pregnancy clothes, BlissClub focuses on bringing you activelife wear that delivers extra comfort compared to other workout clothes for women, irrespective of whether they are pregnancy clothes or not. Get the best maternity leggings on BlissClub and ensure that your every move is laden with comfort and the very bliss of being able to move freely. Your search for maternity pants that make you smile ends here.

What are Maternity Leggings?

Maternity leggings are extra stretchable bottom wear that pregnant women can wear everywhere, for different levels of movement, depending on what has been planned for the day. Maternity leggings, unlike other leggings meant for workout or even light yoga, offer better stretchability so that they are able to accommodate your expanding belly and give you enough room to breathe and move in comfort.

Benefits of Maternity Leggings?

Comfort: Unbelievable comfort is something that you can expect every time you put on our maternity wear. The fabric used in the creation of these pregnancy leggings has been so carefully picked out and boy-oh-boy do we love high waisted leggings that simply don’t leave a mark. Because maternity clothes need all the more comfort, we have ensured that you will not be needing other (not comfortable enough) workout clothes for women that don’t let you move as you like during your yoga classes or when you step out for running errands or your prenatal exercise class.

Fitting: Pregnancy clothes need to fit right and comfortable but also look great over that baby bump. Whether you are considering regular maternity leggings or maternity pants that let you move, BlissClub belly support leggings, which look as great as our high waist leggings but feel even more comfortable have been designed with great care to ensure perfect fits. Who said activewear isn’t for pregnancy? With stretchable fabric and moisture wicking, comfortable clothes during pregnancy, you can move as you like in our mama move clothing.

Fabric: When you think of what makes other mamas fall in love with BlissClub our comfortable maternity leggings, high waisted leggings and other gym leggings for women, and makes us the best choice for purchasing maternity wear online, the answer is our fabric. Moisture wicking stretchable fabric ensures you have a ceaseless workout experience- whether you are stretching or involved in a medium impact gym workout, the breathable fabrics in ourankle length leggings, yoga pants and specific maternity leggings with pockets will leave you feeling fresh and blissful.

How to choose the right Pregnancy Leggings?

Pay Attention to the Quality

Irrespective of the type of clothing that you plan on purchasing, even if it is just a pair of spandex leggings, make sure that the quality of the product is top-notch. Of course, you will not be indulging in high impact exercises during pregnancy and that is completely fine. But your high waist leggings must definitely be of great quality so that you can wear them all the time for your low impact exercises and they don’t get ruined or worn out.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

Imagine a good pair of high waist leggings you can wear literally anywhere because it just keeps you feeling light and fresh. BlissClub brings you maternity leggings with pockets made from the softest and most comfortable, breathable fabrics that you can wear throughout the day, throughout your pregnancy. Pay close attention to the fabric that your clothing comprises to make sure that you don’t feel sweaty or suffocated at any point.

Avoid Tight-Fitting

Spandex fabric works great because it is stretchy but also fits really well. However, do not opt for body fitting clothes such as body con T-shirts or dresses during pregnancy as it goes against most basics of pregnant care. Even if you are not planning to do any yoga or exercise, you will still want to keep moving comfortably and for this reason, choose curated maternity products. Your maternity yoga pants should stretch comfortably over your baby bump, even if they’re not necessarily belly support leggings.

Make Sure the Fit is Right

For comfortable and free movement, it is important that the fit is actually right. This is why spandex leggings and clothes that contain the right amount of Lycra Fibre seem to do a great job in keeping you look and feel wonderful during pregnancy. If the fit is right, and it is not too loose or tight, you will not be paying much attention to what you are wearing and instead will be able to focus on different things that keep you moving and happy.

Why Choose BlissClub's Maternity Leggings?


There is bliss in comfort and comfort in every product brought to you by BlissClub. BlissClub Maternity leggings offer you excellent comfort as your day seamlessly transitions from work to walks to workouts. Irrespective of what kind of clothing or accessory you want to buy from BlissClub, comfort is a given. Don’t worry about your high waisted leggings not keeping your belly comfy when you wear our stretchable leggings- feel comfy and confident all day.


We want to be with you, in all your moves. Our maternity wear support and celebrate your every move. We have designed our sports accessories for women keeping in mind your exercise plans- no matter whether it is a yoga session (and other low impact exercises) or something a bit more along the lines of high impact exercises. All our gym wear for pregnant women contain spandex fabric aka lycra material that offers enough stretchability and breathable fabrics like cotton and we ensure that you feel light and free throughout while also being moisture wicking.

Fabric You’ll Fall in Love With

CloudSoft comprising polyester and spandex is what makes our leggings soft, great to move and groove in. The fabric used in all our products are subjected to extensive research and testing- we pick out what feels right, looks right and works right for you as you make that move.

Buy Best Activewear on BlissClub

Our wide collection of activewear clothing currently includes a wide range of sports bras, bottomwear, tops & tees along with our accessories. You, much like all our other customers, love rocking their gym and activelife-aesthetics by dressing it up in our super comfortable and fashionable leggings (The Ultimate Leggings) which pair well with any of our sports bras. Our seamless panties stay comfortably invisible under these so yay.

Looking for something even more comfortable than buttery-smooth leggings that have more pockets than you can imagine? Check out our collection of shorts - perfect for staying in and reading that book you’ve been meaning to or for taking your doggo on a long walk. A casual day out with no workout? Done. You are going to look fab in our capris, regular and flare pants that will let you move all day.

We love cotton tops just as much as we love boyfriend tees. And that is how much we love comfortable and super breezy tanks you can also use as loungewear. Which, no surprise, is how much we seem to adore kurtis. That’s why we have them all right here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pregnancy leggings?

Pregnancy leggings are specially designed for the changes your body goes through during your pregnancy and keeps you comfortable throughout the expansion that occurs naturally.

Why are maternity leggings important?

Maternity leggings are important because pregnant women require extra comfortable clothing that provide additional stretch to ensure that all your movements are accommodated comfortably during this period.

What is the difference between maternity leggings and regular leggings?

The difference is in the stretch. With maternity leggings, you will notice that you are able to move as freely as you like and not worry about your bump feeling constricted in any way. This when combined with the other properties of our CloudSoft fabric, makes our maternity leggings your go-to- bottomwear for your entire pregnancy and later!

Can I wear my maternity leggings daily?

Yes, you could wear your maternity leggings everyday! They are super comfortable and keep you feeling light and happy as you make your moves during pregnancy.

How can I take care of my BlissClub maternity leggings?

Detailed instructions for wash care are provided along with the product when you purchase the leggings in the inner card. You can also find the details on the specific product page.

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