Go from Work to Gym: Sport These Ankle-Length Leggings with Kurtis

ankle length leggings with kurtis

Leggings have changed fashion– they have made comfort and fashion go hand in hand. They’re the perfect way to look classy and stylish without compromising on comfort, both body-wise and skin-wise. And they’re everywhere: available in numerous styles, colours, and sizes. Leggings are designed to be soft, versatile, and fun. So, depending on the occasion, temperature, and activity, you can choose leggings ranging from cotton and nylon to wool and even leather.

It’s this versatility and variety that make leggings an indispensable staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They’ve replaced the hardy pair of denim jeans and even everyday trousers in recent years as you can style leggings with virtually anything! They work as trousers but are more stretchable than trousers or jeans and can be activewear, daily wear, ethnic wear, etc.

Truly, no other bottomwear matches this level of comfort, variety, and skin-hugging fit. The ease which comes from pairing ankle length leggings with tops is something you can find anywhere. This outfit is appropriate for stepping into the gym or out of it, a walk in the park, a casual day out with your friends – you name it! If you’re a curvy gal, forget other types of pants, a good pair of XXL ankle length leggings is what you should always have on standby in your wardrobe! 

You can easily pair ankle length leggings with tops, t-shirts, or a crop top, according to how intense your workout is. For example, you can pair ankle length leggings with long tops for a brisk walk and even a jog. But when you don’t want any fabric to come between you and your deadlifts, and so here you may want just a completely compressing sports bra and your trusty, stretchy ankle length leggings. 

And what happens when you have to leave the gym and get back to work or home? Here again is where ankle leggings are great, because you just as effortlessly transition into an everyday look by sporting the same ankle length leggings with a kurti!

The ease with which you can pair almost any topwear with these leggings is what makes it versatile. From gyming to chilling at home, these leggings are the epitome of comfort.

Dress Your ankle Length Leggings with Tops and Kurtis

One innovative way of wearing leggings for workouts is pairing them with the super-stylish yet functional Breezy 2-Way Top from BlissClub. Tie the hemline at the back for an adjustable, oversized fit that gives you ultimate freedom of movement during low- to mid-impact activities – stretch, lift, or jog without compromising on your range of movement. When you’re cooling down and heading out, just leave the back open for a draping silhouette!

You can also wear ankle length leggings with BlissClub’s Nons-Top – a relaxed fit built exclusively for your active lifestyle. Pair your ankle length leggings with this top as it’s designed keeping the real Indian woman’s needs in mind, with side-slits and sleeves that make your curves feel comfortable. The length is just perfect for covering your hips while you squat, lunge, dance – for non-stop comfort in your movement. Because you shouldn’t fit into your clothes, they should fit you

The best part is how you can transition seamlessly between work and workouts with these ankle length leggings. After your workout, pair ankle length leggings with long tops for a casual yet dapper look, whether you’re working from home or the office. If you like a sporty look with ankle length leggings and long tops, try long, baggy, button-down shirts. Wear a scarf like a belt around your waist for some added style. Complete your look with boots or sneakers. For a funky, boho-inspired look after work, pair your shirt and leggings with statement necklaces and chains, earrings, and bangles made of oxidised silver.

Ethnic with a dash of boho

You can never go wrong pairing ankle length leggings with kurtis. One potential downside of being at the gym is how vulnerable it sometimes may make one feel. Surrounded by ‘gym bodies’ offline and online can put a dent in your self-image. 

However, you must know that movement is not restricted to how you look or feel in your body. You need not be a marathon enthusiast to jog in the park or a deadlift champ to pick up a dumbbell. Fitness is not a trophy. It’s about moving in a way that feels right to you. Treat your body right by only moving what feels good – and don’t let clothing stop you!

At BlissClub, we design clothes that celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. We’re well tuned in to the fact that most women need something that supports, empowers and works with their bodies, as they are on the move through their days. 

That’s what our clothes aim to do: whether you want colourful yet squat-proof XXXL ankle length leggings that support your midriff and thighs or chic, black XXL ankle length leggings that you can effortlessly match with kurtas for an ethnic look. Whatever your body type, you can always pair our ankle length leggings with a kurti and be fully ready for a party after a fulfilling workout. 

ankle length leggings are perfect for a boho-inspired look too. Depending on your jewellery, you can go with embellished or plain leggings or pair blue or brown ankle length leggings with long tops or kurtis.

Alternately, pair your black ankle length leggings with a kurti, preferable single-toned – or let the fabric do the talking – for a minimalist look. Finish with some statement jewellery – silver danglers, traditional metallic chokers, chunky bangles – and ballerinas or boots. This gives you a stunning boho-inspired ethnic look for get-togethers, parties, and even formal occasions. 

The bottom line on leggings 

When you’re working out, running, jumping, or simply working, you must wear apparel that suits your lifestyle and adds to your personality.  That’s possible with a trusty pair of ankle length leggings, simultaneously offering style, flexibility, and comfort. Team up a tunic or kurti with ankle length leggings to get a chic or modern look before or after your workout – that’s how you can make any everyday outfit into an example of multifunctionality. 

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