LBDs Have Been Replaced by Black Activewear Leggings. Here's Our Side of the Argument.

LBDs Have Been Replaced by Black Activewear Leggings. Here's Our Side of the Argument.

Let's begin with a quick question: Given a choice, what would be the number one priority for you? What’s the one thing you would reach out for in your wardrobe? A little black dress (the famous LBD) or a pair of perfectly-fitting black gym leggings?

While the LBD has been a quintessential part of the modern woman's wardrobe for a long time, we want to argue in favour of a change— Try out and ride with the trend of having a good, versatile pair of black activewear leggings! And why not? With global pop-culture trends influencing our domestic fashion industry and trends, women today prefer comfort and style when choosing their outfits. Black activewear leggings are made with a special focus on these parameters, along with functionality.

Typically, activewear is meant for active living. And, in modern India, this just makes sense– Indian women lead a busy life or even more than their male counterparts- juggling housework and work outside the house. They are not lagging in any context, whether they have to head to night shifts, exercise for fitness, balancing work and home, having an active social life, etc. That is why there is a growing adoption of fashion trends that align with their dynamic lives.

What Is an LBD?

The LBD, or Little Black Dress, is a chic piece, seen as a must-have in every wardrobe. Its popularity has been sustained for so long because of how dependable it is – you can never go wrong with an LBD, as long as you can confidently carry it. You can dress it up or down, especially for evening parties and occasions. 

LBDs look incredibly charming, are easy to carry, affordably priced, and quite versatile. Since the 1920s, when Coco Chanel designed the first LBD, it has become an integral part of many women's lives. An epitome of elegance, the black colour gave the dress some much-required mystique. At that time, the attire was characterized by simple cuts and a drop waist style. This has undergone many transitions ever since. From flappers, sequins, and embellishments to bold cuts, daring lengths, fuller skirts, nipped waists, drooping shoulders, lower necklines, and looser designs, there have been innumerable add-ons and cuts.

What Is It With Black? 

Black is culturally symbolised as the color of sadness and mourning. But it is also the colour of professionalism and presence. The LBD was a turning point as they showcased power. It slowly evolved as a color of passion, magnetism, and sophistication. Today, it is considered a go-to color for evening dresses as it accentuates your curves, creating an awe-inspiring, alluring aura around you.

What Are Black Activewear Leggings?

Activewear is made for pragmatic wearing. While style is a prominent characteristic, it is the functionality and the comfort quotient that are of primary essence. Black gym leggings are perfect for exercising and gymming, and also for shopping, working, lounging around the house, get-togethers, etc. The fabric and the tailoring make black activewear leggings a go-to companion for all events. A mix between casual and formal, these can be worn anytime, anywhere. 

If you’re an outdoorsy person or lead a very active lifestyle, this is a must-have in your wardrobe. We love to call the black activewear leggings ‘stress-free dressing.’ Black spandex leggings are the ideal blend of style, functionality, and comfort.

The true secret of black activewear leggings lies in the way they can be seamlessly paired up with almost all kinds of dresses, tops, tees, shirts, kurtis, etc. For example, you may not be at ease while exercising with your churidar leggings on – clearly, they are more suitable as part of a traditional attire. However, you can get a flawless look when you wear a traditional top over black sports leggings. Contrasting its color with the right accessories can do wonders to your look and presentation! 

Why Are Black Activewear Leggings Replacing LBDs?

Upfront, there is no comparison between the LBD and black gym leggings because both belong to different categories of garments – the ‘look’ is different. The comfort factors vary. Hence, we’re not saying that black activewear leggings have become a direct competitor to the LBDs in your wardrobe. 

However, on closely inspecting your wardrobe, you'll probably find a number of black sports leggings stacked over each other than the LBDs. That is exactly what we mean when we say that black spandex leggings have indeed replaced LBDs and are such an integral, useful, versatile element in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Your instant reaction when going out is to reach out for your trusty black gym leggings. Reason? It matches immaculately with almost any top. The LBDs you might have in your wardrobe are usually reserved for more formal and premium events. Black leggings are the automatic choice for all women since these are so cozy and secure – automatically qualifying as the best fit for any occasion. No second thoughts are required about your movements, no restrictions or limitations. 

On the other hand, LBDs are more of an elegant option – not the best option when you’re exercising, running, rushing out for an urgent meeting, picking up your kids from school, etc. A glamorous dress is best kept aside for a special occasion – a cocktail night or a formal meet – when the fanciness quotient is non-negotiable.

No such reservations are required with the versatile black activewear leggings! These are everyday wear – more so if you’re accustomed to a hectic and agile lifestyle. As a growing number of women become conscious of their health and fitness goals, there is a natural tendency to go for activewear that facilitates their sporty and agile living. Today, women don many roles – career-oriented professionals, moms, travel and adventure enthusiasts, daughters, wives, etc. In short, go-getters! In such multifaceted roles, they need clothes like black spandex leggings that let them work hassle-free. Focusing on fabrics, cuts, designs, and tailoring is essential here. The ideal black activewear leggings should act as a facilitator, making it convenient for you to focus on the job at hand and not fuss about what's showing, what restricts your movement, and whatnot.

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