Have you ever got up in the morning and just changed into your activewear?
It’s a life hack we live by. Even if you woke up with no intention to move, just finding yourself in clothes meant for movement would nudge you to go for that run. Now what if that activewear weren’t a rough-body-shackling garment you had to squeeze into, but a soft-airy-body-sculpting garment you could slide into?

BlissClub is a community-first brand crafting technical apparel for #WomenWhoMove. We are on a mission to spread happiness through movement, read more about it here. BlissClub is a female-founded company, set out to design activewear specifically for the women of India. We craft our products with the utmost intent, thought and love. Unlike most apparel, designing technical apparel for movement requires a deep understanding of the problems faced by the wearer - be it rolling down of the waist band when we bend, or the struggle to remove a sweaty sports bra. Activewear is body hugging, understanding the body type and building specifically for it is key. We need more women building products for women, BlissClub is a part of this revolution.

I always struggled to find good quality activewear in India - horrible material, poor sizing and weird designs. During travels to other countries I would pick up the most amazing fitness gear. Why wasn't anyone building these quality products for us in India? I realised, not only did the market have bad quality products, but also activewear for women in India was a joke. Most bigger brands just take mens activewear "Pink it" and "Shrink it". No one was truly designing activewear specifically for Indian women. Ankle length leggings were always churidar bottoms for me, sized to the height of western women. It is high time we had someone build fitness apparel crafted for the Indian woman, so I decided to do something about it and BlissClub was born!

Minu Margeret

Founder, BlissClub

Why are we called BlissClub?

When thinking about names, I was sure of two things
1. The mission to spread happiness through movement.
My go to activity to move is either playing ‘Ultimate frisbee’ or going for a run. When I closed my eyes and thought about how it made be feel, one word came to my mind - “bliss”
Fitness for me is more of a therapy for my mind than for my body. And I believe that is the case for most women.

2. I wanted to build a community and not just a brand.
I would often see men play cricket and football in public parks, but seeing a group of women play was a rarity. I wanted to build a community of women who came together to celebrate, encourage and share the beautiful journey of movement - a “club”.

BlissClub was the first name I landed. But the optimiser mindset in me reasoned “how can I go with the first name I thought of?” Another 4 weeks and 200 names later, I went with “BlissClub” - I had already fallen in love at first sight!

"We don't just make products,
we craft them"

Made with intent - that sums up our design philosophy.  We deeply think through every aspect of a garment and aim to craft masterpieces with each product we put out to the world. From threads, to zipper sliders, from wash labels to the lining of pockets. We don't just make products, we craft them.  We NEVER do things, "cause thats how it has always been done" , when it comes to design we are a bit of a rebel. 
You may not find 100 different legging designs with BlissClub, but you will find carefully thought products, that are designed with intent and made with love.