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The hype around exercise in recent years has come as a consequence of the impossible beauty standards imposed on us by society, and the pushback reaction to that has been an awareness among people around us today, on the importance of movement and exercise. 

These realisations have led women to focus on how movement and physical activity actually makes them feel, rather than what it’ll make them look like. This shift in the current has been very positive for women’s physical and mental health, not just their physical health or outward appearance alone. Today, many more people care less about losing weight and looking like Kate Moss—the motivations are truly changing to a more holistic health-driven one.  

This has ultimately resulted in women wanting to find forms of exercise that suit them the best physically while also being enjoyable. These exercises range from spinning and cycling to pilates and aerobic yoga. Women know their bodies and understand what they need. Women of all sizes have embraced the movement as something they want to do, not something they should be doing in order to fit in. 

Many of these activities are fast-paced, heart-pumping, sweat-inducing. They demand your body to push its limits, and rightfully so because that's how you maintain good cardiovascular health. The activities fall under the category of “cardio-training.” Running, swimming, basketball – anything that gets your heart pumping is on this list. 

The right support, the right bra 

Any movement, fitness, exercise activity will require the right kind of support. All sports have their specific gear to enhance performance and provide comfort. 

This applies to you, too, even if you’re not a professional athlete. Your body needs the right kind of supportive equipment, clothing and gear, for you to feel comfortable enough to do whatever you’re planning to do.

Women, especially, have bodies that require specific support. Our breasts do not have any bones and are made up of entirely fatty tissue, fibrous tissue, and glands. The lack of a skeletal structure makes them vulnerable to any force they may encounter. Breasts come in various sizes and shapes, and they vary in the level of firmness they possess.

That’s why we have the wonderful contraptions of bras! Yes, we all have a love-hate relationship with them but we cannot deny their usefulness. While your good old bra might be just about enough in everyday situations, but is it going to be adequate while you're running or riding a bike at full speed? 

No, it's not going to cut it. Here is exactly where you will need a high impact sports bra. Now what’s that, exactly?

Well, we're all familiar with women's padded sports bras. A high impact sports bra is a higher functioning version of the regular sports bra, that will give you optimal support for higher intensity movement activities. 

How do you find a good high impact sports bra in India? You need companies that prioritise all kinds of bodies and who believe in giving you actual support for all heavy-impact activities, not just a few basic ones. BlissClub is one example, delivering the best high impact sports bra in India for bodies of many shapes and sizes.

Why do you need the best high impact sports bra in India?

A high impact sports bra is made explicitly for high impact activities. Your regular run-of-the-mill lightly padded sports bra might feel like it lends proper support by being tight and binding. That’s not all there is to it. This approach doesn’t work for women with large breasts. 

In fact, many mainstream manufacturers don’t even make padded, crop-top sports bras for plus-sized women. BlissClub is a firm believer in inclusivity and thus is one of the leaders in India, in making high impact sports bra in India, inclusive for many sizes which are not provided for by other companies. These bras are made to provide comfort and support in the correct, streamlined way.

Why is a high impact sports bra useful?

Many women in India are starting to get into heavier intensity workouts, and thus are looking for the best high impact sports bra in India. 

The consequences of not picking the correct sports bra can be serious, like backache, breast pain and chafing. These conditions can hamper your posture, and poor posture is associated with spine-related problems. These conditions might also damage your shoulder and neck. Chafing might not seem like a big deal, but constant chafing can contribute to skin irritation and sensitivity. Safe to say, not wearing a good high impact sports bra in India can have serious results. 

Tight clothing and sweating don’t mesh well either. They might cause itching, redness, rashes, hives, and many other unsavoury scenarios. Also, your breasts have a glandular network, so prolonged exposure to extremely tight clothing may affect that. The wrong attire will disrupt the activity you're trying to perform, too. 

Wearing a dependable high impact sports bra means avoiding these tribulations. None of these are pretty to witness – and endure – and negatively impact your overall health. But they’re something you can easily dodge by choosing one of the best high impact sports bra in India! 

Our final advice

If you're a woman in India looking for a sports bra, then look also for companies who understand Indian bodies and women’s needs. Look for a brand that understands, appreciates, and encourages women of all sizes and all kinds. Physical activity makes you feel more connected to your body and brain. It enhances and solidifies the mind-body connections and releases endorphins that make you feel happy and healthy. Look for companies who are intentionally researching and creating products specifically for women. 

Women in India are busy, often running their houses and working outside their house. The only way for them to somehow incorporate fitness into their day to day lives, is to have the flexibility and readiness to do movement. And the right clothing, like the correct sports bras and sports leggings, will offer them this flexibility. 

We know already that physical activity will help us live our best lives- healthy in body and mind. And if clothing is what has been keeping us away from feeling safe, secure and supported in movement, then definitely invest in a high impact sports bra and start that movement journey for your life. 

The benefits of movement should be enjoyed by everyone, and there should be no barriers for people to enjoy it- not their gender, size, or other bodily distinctions. Hence, your best bet is BlissClub and their sports bras – they’re designing some of the best high impact sports bras in India. They come with the inclusivity in their design and conviction. 

It is the 21st century, then why are we still stuck with the same 1950s ideas of health, beauty, and supportive garments? The time has come for us to be aware of these values and what they mean for us individually. Now is the time for every person to define their clothing on their own terms. 

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