Who Says a Sports Bra for Running with Large Breasts Can't Be Comfortable?

sports bra for running with large breasts

If you are the kind of woman who prefers running as your exercise of choice, you would have found out soon enough, how important a really good sports bra is! 

A good sports bra for women with large breasts is vital- It supports your breasts and limits their movement when you’re cycling, running, power walking, doing yoga, etc. This prevents your breasts and ligaments within them from hurting while moving. Keeping one's breasts supported, yet comfortable is a real challenge for women who like to run. 

So here the challenge is to find the best sports bras for running with large breasts. Chances are, there isn’t a brand whose sports bras fit women of all sizes. Women’s bodies are different – so are their requirements from a sports bra. Some might want support and comfort, while some might be interested in the back design and strap width.

Right now, there aren’t many brands in the Indian market that make sports bras for women with large cup sizes, but instead, offer sizing that is more general, such as “small,” “medium” or “large.” This doesn't accommodate the needs of women with large breasts who want to engage in exercises like running.  

But all women need a sports bra with good functionality and durability, especially if they want to use it for running. And women with bigger breasts will need sports bras with good coverage, support, and comfort, especially for high-impact activities like running. 

An ideal sports bra for large busts helps keep your chest secure and reduces friction and bounce, thus preventing back pain, breast pain, or discomfort.

In this blog, you’ll find some handy tips about what to look for to buy the best sports bra for running with large breasts. 

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best Sports Bra for Women with Large Breasts

  • Type of sports bra 
  • There are three main kinds of sports bras: encapsulated, compression, and combination. 

    Encapsulated sports bras are the best, if you are looking for a sports bra for running with large breasts, or for any other high intensity workouts. It ensures your breasts remain separated yet supported. You can also choose a combination sports bra if you want good compression and high support. 

  • Fit of sports bra 
  • An ideal sports bra should fit tighter than your regular bra, but shouldn’t restrict your breathing. You should be able to fit in at least two fingers between your shoulders and the straps. Also, the fabric of the cup should be smooth. If the fabric has wrinkles, the cup is too big for you. If your breasts are spilling out of the cup, the bra is too small. Look for sports bras in your exact cup size, with an adjustable fit and wide, cushioning straps that evenly distribute the weight without digging into your shoulders.

    1. The right cup size

    Sports bras come in all sizes like medium, small and large. However, the ideal sports bra for running with large breasts, must come in your exact cup size, too, to keep your breasts in place while you’re on the move. Always go for a brand that offers a wide range of cup sizes, and not a generic one-size-fits-all approach or just a general sizing of “medium, small or large.” 

    1. Adjustable design 

    No matter your bra size, a bra’s fit is specific to each individual. That’s why it’s best to look for brands with adjustable designs that provide optimal support and comfort.

    1. Solid panel or band

    Choose a sports bra with a solid band or panel. The bottom band supports your breasts while the back and side panels ensure zero spillage. To know whether it is the optimal band size, you must be able to pull the bottom of your band at least half an inch from the centre. If you cannot do it, go for the next cup size.

    1. Material

    The sports bra’s material should feel soft and comfortable and soak up excessive sweat. The ideal sports bra should be moisture-wicking and breathable, because if it isn’t, you might end up with severe rashes, chafing, or some skin infection. A mixture of spandex and polyester gives you a lightweight and breathable workout experience.

    1. Moving with Ease

    High-impact activities like running mean your breasts will move a lot. So, choose a sports bra that provides ample comfort and support. Finding a good sports bra for running, especially for women with large breasts, can be tricky and taxing. Currently, not too many brands in the Indian market cater to a wide enough range of sizes for women, especially women with larger breasts. Very few companies offer sizes beyond D cup sizes. 

    What is the best sports bra for running for those with larger breasts?

    Seeing that many companies in India are currently not offering sports bra options for women with large cup sizes, BlissClub has taken up the mission to create a line of the best sports bras for running in India! Its unique line features a wide range of sportswear, including sports bras in sizes ranging from XS–XXXL. Come and make your selection from their exclusive collection!

    BlissClub makes two types of sports bras: The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra and The Ultimate Support Sports Bra. The latter is a viable option for women, in sports bras for running with large breasts. 

  • The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra
  • BlissClub’s The Ultimate Comfort Sports Bra answers every woman’s need for round-the-clock comfort during low-impact activities. It features a curved underband that simultaneously provides maximum comfort and support. The signature CloudSoft material – made of 27% spandex and 73% polyester – makes it super-soft, breathable, and lightweight. The extra-wide straps will end your concerns about chafing and irritation. Besides, the easy-to-slip-in pads stay put, providing you with reliable comfort. 

  • The Ultimate Support Sports Bra
  • If you’re looking for a sports bra that gives maximum support, The Ultimate Support Sports Bra is what you might need. The four-strap cross back gives you optimal comfort, and the full coverage design ensures zero spillage. It has lightly padded, moulded cups with a highly supportive wide-strap design that keeps your breasts in place, no matter what high-impact activity you do. It’s also super-stretchy, thanks to BlissClub’s LuxeFlo fabric – a blend of 27% spandex and 73% nylon. So, if you’re looking for the best sports bra for running with large breasts size, this is a must-buy. 

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