6 Effective Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

6 Effective Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

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I am certain you agree with me when I say this: panty lines are simply the worst. No one wants to deal with the unsightly lines running down their legs, especially when they are trying to look their best. But what can you do about it? Well, maybe, you could stop wearing underwear altogether—but that might not be the best idea. Instead, let me take you through nine-pointers on how to hide panty lines. Before we discuss how to avoid panty lines, let me just tell you what panty lines are and what causes them.

Firstly, what are panty lines?

Panty lines are the visible marks on your skin where the elastic of your underwear meets. They often appear as a line running down each leg, but they can also appear on your stomach or back. In other words, they are the distinct borders of your panties that stick out of your clothing for the whole world to see. Visible panty lines are a common problem for women pretty much everywhere.

Now, what causes panty lines?

Panty lines are caused by the elastic in your underwear pulling on your skin, causing it to pucker up. The more elastic there is around your thighs or waist, the higher chance of getting noticeable panty lines. They are visible through light-colored clothing and can be quite embarrassing. You may not have noticed them until you put on a pair of pants that fit perfectly except for the fact that there was an obvious line running down each leg where the elastic met. And you simply don't know what to do about this random complication trashing your style.

There are a few things that can cause this problem. Firstly, if you wear underwear that isn’t the right size for you or doesn’t fit right in general, this can cause panty lines. For example, wearing very tight underwear could make your skin bunch up around it and give off an outline of your panties when they shouldn’t be visible at all. The second reason is if you’re not wearing the right kind of underwear. For example, if you wear thongs or cotton briefs instead of seamless panties, they will not be as invisible as you would like them to be.

Hiding panty lines

Is it Possible to Avoid Panty Lines Completely?

I have asked this question to many women, so many times. The answer, sister, is yes! It took me a great deal of patience and perseverance to discover some sure-shot hacks (that have worked for me and many I know). I am super excited to share these with you.

Here are 6 things I have figured out on how to avoid panty lines:

High Waisted Underwear

One of the best ways to avoid panty lines is by wearing high-waisted underwear. This will ensure that your panties are hidden under your clothes. High-waisted underwear can do wonders in helping you hide panty lines. This is because it covers the areas where you are most likely to get panty lines. The best kind of high-waist panties is those that have a wide elastic band. This helps to prevent the panty from riding down. It is also important to make sure that the elastic band does not pinch your skin or dig into it.

Modal Underwear

Let me tell you this- modal panties are soooo comfortable and soft on the skin- feels like your butt is being hugged by butter! This type of underwear is made from cellulose fiber that comes from beech trees. It is extremely soft and smooth, which makes it perfect for wearing under clothes. The fibers used in modal underwear are very fine and do not irritate or chafe your skin like other fabrics often do. Modal underwear is also quite breathable, which makes it perfect for wearing when you are moving about. Modal panties are excellent in hiding panty lines because they are quite thin and don't show through the clothes.

woman in seamless panties, modal panties to avoid panty lines

Seamless Underwear

Seamless panties are perfect if you want a smooth look under your clothes i.e. invisible panty lines. Seamless underwear is made of one piece of fabric that is cut and sewn into a pair of panties. This prevents any lines from showing through your clothes, which makes them perfect for wearing under tight-fitting dresses or leggings. Seamless panties are also very comfortable and soft, so they feel great against the skin. As someone who wears pencil skirts and leggings quite often, I love seamless panties.

Bottomwear with Prints and Textures

Skirts or dresses with prints- bold ones especially are a great way to avoid panty lines. For one, they stand out way more than your panty lines ever could. For example, you could wear a skirt or dress with lace trimming on the edge. This will help hide any visible lines from your underwear. You could also wear a skirt or dress with a big print on it, which shall effectively hide those horrible panty lines.

Printed floral skirt

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are structured differently from panties, and depending on what you choose to wear, can be quite effective in staying invisible underneath. Boxer shorts are not just for men. There are plenty of great boxer shorts out there that can be just as comfortable and flattering as your favorite pair of panties. Boxer shorts are also a great option to wear with high-waisted pants or skirts.

You could just go commando...

Ultimately, the easiest way to avoid panty lines is to have no panties on. If it is the cameltoe you are worried about, just ensure that whatever bottomwear you choose to put on has a well-structured gusset that can prevent this. A crotch gusset is essentially a piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area of your pants, leggings or underwear that helps to prevent cameltoe. But going commando is not something I would strongly recommend, for a few good reasons. First of all, you may find that going commando is not as comfortable as you think it might be. Your genitals can chafe against your clothing if they are not properly cushioned. Second of all, not having any underwear on can cause infections and skin irritation due to sweat trapped in the area.


A breathable, soft and comfy pair of panties that stays truly invisible might be everything you need to prevent awkward panty lines. But ladies, keep this in mind: there's nothing actually embarrassing about panty lines being seen once in a while. While it is ideal that they don't exist, panty lines must not be the reason you don't keep moving happily and freely. If you're still looking for a pair of panties that won't show through your clothes, you could check out our collection of seamless underwear. We promise they will remain truly invisible.

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