To Bra or Not to Bra : The Great Debate of Why Women Wear Bras

To Bra or Not to Bra : The Great Debate of Why Women Wear Bras

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Hating your bra is completely normal. It’s almost every day that I wake up and ask myself, ‘Do I really need to wear a bra today? Again? Yes, bra-free days are simply the best. While ditching the bra entirely is a fantasy as common as shirtless firemen, it might not exactly be ideal when you want to move. Simply put, there are many reasons why women wear bra. So grab a coffee, sit back, and let's chat about whether or not you need to keep your girls in check while you sweat it out.

Every woman needs her breast friend.

why women wear bra

Answering why women should wear a bra for me is not easy, because I don’t want to sound preachy. But girl, I want what’s best for you and your boobies. That’s why I am on this quest of explaining to you, all the reasons why women wear bras. 

Working up a sweat is not easy. You need all the support you get. And so, you have sports bras. Made for your moves, light and heavy, sports bras offer you different levels of support. They hold your boobs in place and keep them from bouncing around when you do. My journeys with bras have spanned all the way from literally sporting t-shirts that yell, ‘burn your bra’ to hugging my favourite comfort sports bra tight. 

To make this acceptance of my bra simpler, I made sure to understand and appreciate all the benefits there are of bras and make peace with why to wear a bra. I wrote down a list, all of which I won’t bore you with. But here are the key takeaways that highlight why bra is important:

  • They help prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort. 

Staying active is fun and stuff, but there’s no denying that there is some discomfort. And some of this discomfort more often than not comes from the breasts and your back. Bouncing boobies during workouts is super painful and very uncomfortable. What can help? Supportive bras that hold them in place. Your comfortable bra can keep the girls pain-free and let you move in peace and focus on whatever else is adding to your discomfort.

  • They help improve your posture and stand up straight.

That’s right. Given that your boobies are supported and not just hanging around, you will be able to fix your posture. Focusing on, and getting your posture right is important for your workouts to be successful. A properly fitted sports bra can help improve your posture by giving you the support you need.

  • They help enhance your overall performance. 

Overall performance. This means a lot of things. The right posture, the right impact levels, the right movements, and the right set of reps would contribute to a good overall performance in the gym. Also, focus. Your bouncing boobies and concerns around them won’t be bothersome. You can focus on improving your overall performance and enjoying an overall kickass workout.

  • They help your girls feel loved and supported.

This is the main reason why women wear bra options of different kinds. It’s the love and support that their boobs are offered. Sagging is indeed something that happens in the long run, and it’s completely normal but comes with its own set of problems. While wearing a bra does not prevent sagging entirely, it could help slow it down. 

Know this when you buy your bra:

You want your sports bra to work for you - we get that. The simplest way to make this happen is by making sure you buy the right kind of bra for yourself. There are different types of sports bras.

Here are some factors you should consider when buying sports bras for women: 


Ladies, let's start with the basics - the right size is key! Make sure you're wearing the correct size by getting measured regularly. Trust me, the last thing you want is a sports bra that's too tight and cuts off your circulation or too loose and offers no support. 

Impact Level

Different workouts require different levels of support. Are you a yoga practitioner or a runner? Make sure you choose padded sports bras that are appropriate for your level of impact. If you're not sure, don't be afraid to ask a specialist for advice, they will be able to guide you through to help you identify the right size, fit, and style for your impact level.


When it comes to the fabric of your sports bra, you want something that's breathable, under your tank tops and gym t-shirts, moisture-wicking, and will keep you cool and dry during your workout. It has to offer you a good level of compression but even that should not be too much. More importantly, it has to resist tension, especially for high-impact activities.


The whole point of a sports bra is to provide support, so make sure you choose one that will do just that! Consider your cup size and shop for different levels of impact when choosing sports bras. The right support can make all the difference to the quality of your workout and help improve your performance.


A sports bra should ideally feel like a second skin. Nowadays, the softness of my bra has almost become as important for me as the compression and support levels. The bra should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. Look for bras with soft, seamless fabric and adjustable straps for a custom fit. The last thing you want is to be constantly fidgeting with your bra during your workout. Also, the straps should not dig in. 


Who says sports bras have to be boring? There are a ton of styles to choose from, including compression, encapsulation, and cross-back. Choose a style that best fits your needs and personal preference. Remember, feeling good in your sports bra can give you the confidence you need to crush your workout. Also, stylish sports bras make for excellent crop tops, so win-win!

Side effects of not wearing a bra:

woman with back pain

Now that I have elaborated on the various uses of bra types and figured out the basic advantages of wearing a bra, let me answer the next big question: the main reason why women wear bras. Are there any side effects of not wearing bras?

Turns out, there are a few. Especially for women with larger breasts.

  • Heavy breasts can cause strain on the back and lead to backache, without proper support.

  • Lack of support can cause the chest muscles to weaken and lead to poor posture.

  • If the ligaments supporting your breasts stretch out, this can lead to sagging over time.

  • Large breasts rubbing against each other can cause chafing.

  • If you have sensitive skin, not wearing a bra can cause friction and irritation.

Sometimes, yes, ditch the bra. Sometimes.

Yes, I know how amazing it feels to ditch the bra and let those girls fly free. But when is it actually okay to do so? Keep in mind all the reasons why ladies wear bras in the first place. Let me try and break it down! 

Home sweet home

When you're lounging on the couch and binge-watching your favorite show, feel free to take off that bra and relax in comfort. You don’t need all that support when your moves are nil. However, there are some who wonder why do women wear bras when lounging at home? It’s simply because that’s the more comfortable option. You do you. 

Snooze time

It's time to give the girls a much-needed break, so go ahead and take off that bra before hitting the hay. A good night's sleep is just what they and you need. Some women feel otherwise. Some of you may actively wonder how, and why women wear a bra to bed. Ladies with em’ big boobies, let me know in the comments!

Gentle flow

During home-based low-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, etc, you can leave the heavy-duty support in the cupboard. Your girls will thank you!

But here’s the thing. Given that there are many advantages of wearing bras, and why women wear bra styles of different kinds despite not loving them, decide wisely. Why your girls need to wear a bra is obvious, as is why you want to ditch the bra. It comes down to what you want. 

In conclusion...

It's clear that wearing a bra is important for girls and women alike. The reasons why girls wear bra, why girls need to wear a bra, and why women want to wear a bra, have all been discussed in this blog. 

From supporting and shaping your assets to reducing discomfort and boosting confidence, the reasons why women wear bras are numerous. Don't let the idea of ditching your bra tempt you away from the many benefits it provides. A properly fitting bra can make all the difference in your daily life, so make sure you invest in one that fits you well. 

Embrace your inner goddess and don't be afraid to wear that bra with confidence and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to wear bras?

The answer is a definite maybe! The advantages of wearing a bra are undeniable. From offering support to shaping and enhancing your assets, the various uses of a bra can't be ignored. But why do ladies wear bras? The importance of a bra lies in the benefits it provides. From improving posture to reducing discomfort, there are plenty of reasons why a bra is an important piece of clothing for many women. So, whether or not it's necessary for you to wear a bra will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Can bras cause cancer?

Bras and cancer, a topic that has been a hot topic of debate for years. But the truth is, no, bras cannot cause cancer. Despite some old wives' tales and internet rumors, there is no scientific evidence linking the use of bras with an increased risk of cancer. So, there's no need to worry about this myth and toss out all your favorite bras just yet! The key is to choose a properly fitting bra that provides the support you need without causing discomfort. So, whether you're hitting the gym or just running errands, feel confident in your comfortable, supportive, and cancer-free bra.

Should you wear a bra at night?

This is tricky. On one hand, you want to be comfortable and enjoy a good night's sleep. On the other hand, you don't want to neglect the support your girls need. So, what's the verdict? Should you wear a bra at night? The answer is - it depends. If you're comfortable sleeping without a bra and you're not experiencing any discomfort or pain, then there's no need to wear one at night. However, if you have larger cup sizes, wearing a bra while you sleep can provide the necessary support and prevent any discomfort. 

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