Home Work-Out With A Lightly Padded Sports Bra To Keep You Moving

lightly padded sports bra

Home Work-Out With A Lightly Padded Sports Bra To Keep You Moving

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the entire world- with all our lives dominated by lockdowns and restrictions, the usual outdoor fitness routines are difficult and sometimes even impossible. More so with gyms, swimming pools and public parks being shut down due to COVID-19, options to do workouts outdoors or in the gym have reduced. And with variants of Covid-19 popping up at an alarming rate, gals, you are in no position to ignore fitness! 

So a home workout is going to be your homie to save the day!

You can perform all types of home workouts alone, or gather a group of girls to remain fit and fab and enjoy bonding as a bonus! Joining a professional class would give you access to professional advice, care, and fine-tuning of your movement practice. Peer and professional collaboration can help you kill the lazy days when you want to skip your workout. 

If you are participating in a yoga/pilates session via a Zoom call with your girl gang or in a class, wear clothes that help you do your movement activity tension-free while feeling comfy and well supported. So while focussing on your outerwear, don't forget– you also need appropriate innerwear, especially a comfy lightly padded sports bra.

The search for the "One"

Akin to the search for the "One" in the Matrix films, you need to be careful with your search and choice when it comes to workout wear, and especially sports bras. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to women's lightly padded sports bras. 

Scouting for the perfect one ultimately depends on several factors. For starters, one major criteria to decide your sports bra is the type of activity you undertake- diverse workouts will exert different amounts of pressure on the ligaments and the tender connective tissue surrounding the breasts. Simply put, you must choose a lightly padded sports bra that controls the bounce but in a way that does not make you uncomfortable or restricts your movements. 

To ensure this, sports bras are primarily categorised into three distinct types, namely, low-impact padded sports bra, medium-impact padded sports bra, and high-impact padded sports bra. Each of them has a particular structure and a feature set that are meant to satisfy the specific requirements of various forms of physical activity. For instance, if your training routine involves an exercise mix for each day, you'll probably need multiple sports bra styles in your collection. And if you are working out at home, then a lightly padded sports bra is what you will need for your home workout. 

Why buy a lightly padded sports bra?

True to their name, low-impact padded sports bras usually have a cup-free construction that keeps the breasts close to the chest but not as tightly as a high-impact padded sports bra does. A lightly padded sports bra is popular for brisk walking or participating in a yoga or pilates class. You can even lounge around at home wearing them or nap comfortably in them! 

Lightly padded sports bras are tailor-made for activities and movements that require very little bouncing. Hence, they are an excellent choice for moderate activities, as they provide light, comforting support. They provide comfort and support for women of all cup sizes. As these bras are available and popular among women of all cup sizes today, you can wear them as lounge or sleepwear without feeling any discomfort. The real deal here is to do what works best for your body! If you wish to slip into your low-impact sports bra and swirl around at home, what's there to stop you?

How to pick the right lightly padded sports bra?

Like a nice pair of running shoes, a women's lightly padded sports bra hits the sweet spot of ease, elegance, comfort, and support. Even if you know your bust size, choosing a brand or bra that works well for your body and needs might be challenging. Here are some pointers to help you find the perfect fit:

Try-on and buy on: When you decide to buy a lightly padded sports bra, you must try them on and do some exercise movements. Although it may feel a bit weird to do this in a trial room, remember, gals, sports bras are an investment so do your research and make the right choice! Fortunately, many brands understand this and provide free returns. So you could also try them out at home when buying online.

Take the strap test: Some women's padded sports bras have adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit to your breasts. If the straps lift when you move your arms about, it's an indication they're pretty long. Likewise, they're too tight if they leave a mark on your skin after wearing them.

Material matters: Women's padded sports bras are available in a variety of fabrics. You must buy one that meets your needs entirely, particularly support and sweat requirements. Cotton bras may work for you if you don't think your breasts sweat a lot. On the contrary, if sweat under your breasts is annoying the life out of you, opt for breathable or moisture-absorbent cups. They may make your breasts feel better.

Tick the 'fit' box: Although lightly padded sports bras should be snugger than regular bras, they must allow you to breathe! For this, it is critical to stay focused on your selection technique throughout a session. So, if you can squeeze more than a finger between your body and the bottom strap, it's probably too loose. Therefore, tick the bra fit box before the purchase.

Finally, irrespective of the kind of low-impact sports bra you buy, there are a few things to consider when buying, especially if you have cup sizes in the larger range, like a D cup. Flexible strap sports bras would allow you to acquire a more precise fit. Moreover, a lightly padded sports bra also guarantees that your breasts are effectively supported, regardless of the type of sweat session you're in. You'll also want to look for a women's padded sports bra with hook-and-eye attachments in the back so that you can adjust the fit as needed.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that a women's padded sports bra is a must for your home workout sessions. Not only will a lightly padded sports bra provide you ample support to your breasts, but it also adds poise and finesse to your home workout poses and movements. Moreover, by lessening unwanted stress to your breast tissue, a low-impact padded sports bra would aid you to add bounce to your steps and feeling more vibrant! Thus, sporting these sports bras would enhance a feel-good factor both in terms of comfort and appeal!

All of these reasons are why a women's lightly padded sports bra is increasingly becoming a common wardrobe item for women who usually work out. Plus, with a plethora of shades and styles to choose from, you could easily complement them with your choice of yoga pants or leggings.

Now that you know that a women's padded sports bra is a necessity, during workout sessions or just to lounge at home, why are you still on the bench? Order a lightly padded sports bra for yourself today. Go for it, gal!

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