Cycling Shorts for Women by BlissClub

A good pair of cycling shorts for women can make a huge difference in how you work out, whether you plan to undertake some light cycling or heavy lifting later in the day. The use of women cycling shorts is not limited to the gym or your spin classes- when you have a pair of super comfortable cycling shorts for women, you can wear them pretty much anywhere and keep them on all day to support all your moves. Women’s cycling shorts by BlissClub are designed to enhance your comfort without compromising your functionality.

What does a pair of cycling shorts take for ladies to be considered ‘good’? For starters, the fit of these ladies cycling shorts has to be exemplary. Depending on the function you have planned for it, you can decide whether you are after women’s cycling shorts that are made using softer materials like cotton or you want something sturdier- like polyester, we have them all for you. Stay in or step out, and step up hard- it’s all up to you, we have you covered in comfort, functionality and great fits of cycling shorts for girls. However, make sure you know what you are in for when you purchase cycling shorts online.

What Are Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts for ladies and sports shorts, unlike regular shorts, are built for movement, but you can also chill in them. Their lengths are decided upon following considerable research, and they can be worn on multiple occasions. You could wear a regular pair of shorts everywhere but not to your workouts, but if you purchase shorts for women online dedicated to cycling, you could use it at the gym, while you go cycling (think polyester shorts or spandex shorts) and also when you are just unwinding with a book- say yay to cotton shorts.

Benefits of Women’s Cycling Shorts

Using the right pair of cycling shorts can considerably improve the way that you workout and reap the benefits of your exercise experience. Whether it is yoga or running, wearing the right activewear makes a lot of difference on account of the different benefits offered by them like moisture wicking properties.

Improved Breathability: The stretchable fabric used in the creation of cycling shorts for women is generally moisture wicking and accordingly improves the breathability of the product to a great extent. Shorts for women need to be breathable, and made with breathable fabrics so that you can keep them on for long, enjoy the comfort and focus on your moves- be it cardio like running that tends to get very sweaty or yoga that involves a lot of heavy stretching. Breathability is very important when it comes to both high as well as low impact exercises, and sports shorts for women typically have breathable fabrics.

Comfort: High waist cycling shorts must ideally be comfortable sports shorts for women that you can practically wear all day and everywhere. When you choose the right pair of shorts, like cotton shorts for women, added comfort is definitely a given. Sports shorts for women, like knee length cycling shorts, etc can offer excellent comfort because the fit is great and you feel like you are in your element when you keep moving in the gym in your favorite pair of women’s shorts.

Durability: Your dedicated stretchable shorts meant for your gym workout sessions are way more likely to do a great job when it comes to lasting long enough even with multiple washes. Compared to regular women’s high waist shorts your gym workout needs a more durable piece of clothing that can survive the sweat, wash and reuse. That is why it is important to have dedicated pairs of activewear shorts (like cycling shorts with pockets) that you can use and wash in confidence.

Performance: Having the right gym shorts (the best kind being shorts with pockets) or running shorts can make a huge difference and potentially improve performance- because you can move way better, feel comfortable and focus on working out. The spandex fabric also known as Lycra material, which is a highly stretchable fabric makes a huge difference in the level of stretch and range of movement one can achieve when wearing biker shorts. Even better, if you get a good pair of cotton shorts that have pockets, you can move completely hands free and worry free when you do your low impact exercises.

Best Fabrics for Cycling Shorts

Lycra/Spandex: High waist cycling shorts must ideally be comfortable sports shorts for women that you can practically wear all day and everywhere. When you choose the right pair of shorts, like cotton shorts for women, added comfort is definitely a given. Sports shorts for women, like knee length cycling shorts, etc can offer excellent comfort because the fit is great and you feel like you are in your element when you keep moving in the gym in your favorite pair of women’s shorts.

Cotton: Who doesn’t love a good pair of cotton shorts? Cotton fibre is an excellent option of a plant fibre and it offers excellent breathability and comfort- and oh goodness, the softness. Cotton fabric uses natural fibres and is loved because of its softness, durability and comfort. You could wear cotton shorts the whole day and move as you like as this is also one of the most breathable fabrics.

Polyester: Shape retaining polyester is endurant, strong and when mixed with just the right amount of spandex fibre, does an amazing job of offering great stretchability for all your low-impact workouts. Polyester fabric dries quickly (moisture wicking) and therefore polyester shorts are quite easy to maintain as it doesn’t wrinkle much.

Nylon: Nylon is wonderfully versatile: it makes for great water resistant clothing that enhances your workout experience. Nylon offers durability and comfort: and has excellent wear-resistance. Take care of nylon well and you can wear nylon bottomwear pretty much anywhere.

How to Style Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts for women can be paired with pretty much any western style top of varying lengths- they look and feel great with loose/oversized tees and tops so you feel breezy and delightfully comfortable. Cycling shorts for women can be worn with sports bras and tank tops when you are headed out for a more impactful activity like some hot yoga or heading out to the tracks. Cycling shorts can also be worn comfortably with basic tees- which look and feel rather great.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Women’s Cycling Shorts?

The right cycling shorts makes a lot of difference to your workouts and it enhances your movement experience pretty significantly. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your women’s shorts.

Style for Level of Movement: Depending on the kinds of sports and moves you plan to undertake, the types of cycling shorts you choose should be different. Different types of fabrics and fits offer different benefits. Depending on whether you plan on lounging/moving lightly or performing highly intense workouts, you will have to decide between a relaxed fit that enables you to move freer or something lighter, like cotton shorts.

Based on Specific Activity: Some options are pretty obvious. If you want to go cycling and prefer comfortable and light bottomwear that look and feel great as you indulge in low impact movements, you would choose a good pair of comfortable cycling shorts. These are versatile and can be worn everywhere. If you want something even more comfortable, you can go for cotton shorts.

Comfort: Do your cycling shorts provide you the comfort you need to perform all the movements you have planned for your day? Ask yourself this question when you pick out any kind of clothing: high waisted shorts or skin fit shorts. It is important for cycling shorts for women to be comfortable- this is something you simply cannot overlook!

Your Routine!: How do you plan to go about your day? Are you looking for a pair of women cycling shorts that are versatile so you can wear them to work and then to your workouts? Or would you rather change your clothing before hitting the gym? Choose your activelife wear accordingly!

Why Choose BlissClub’s Women Cycling Shorts?

Comfort:There is bliss in comfort and comfort in every product brought to you by BlissClub. BlissClub brings you unique women’s cycling shorts that offer you excellent comfort as your day seamlessly transitions from work to walks to workouts. Irrespective of whether you wish to get hold of a pair of serious sports shorts or maybe some cotton shorts for your yoga sessions, comfort is a given.

Pockets: We love pockets. Yes, we know you do too. This is why, regardless of what our product is, we incorporate pockets into every pair of cycling shorts for women we bring to the market. Who doesn't love cycling shorts with pockets? We want you to move all day as comfortably as possible and we know that this can only be achieved if you can move hands-free!

Fit: We are all about flattering fits that make Indian women feel good when they move, something which most comfortable women cycling shorts simply don’t bother with. At BlissClub, we design our cycling shorts for women keeping in mind the functionality of every product to ensure that maximum movement ability is achieved! Our cycling shorts flatter every body shape well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts are specially designed shorts for women that are extra stretchable and comfortable to keep moving- in your low-impact and high-impact moves.

Can I wear cycling shorts daily?

Cycling shorts for women and girls can be worn everyday for different activities. You can wear them for different activities and occasions.

Can I wear cycling shorts all day?

It is not a good idea to wear cycling shorts all day because the compression can be uncomfortable and affect blood flow.

Why are cycling shorts important?

If you are looking for something comfortable and of the perfect length for completely unrestricted movement, cycling shorts for girls offer you the best movement range and maximum comfort.

Can plus size women wear cycling shorts?

Any woman can wear cycling shorts and rock them. Our cycling shorts for women are designed for all Indian bodies and we love how they make you feel.

Which fabric is good for cycling shorts?

Make sure that your cycling shorts have enough spandex in them to provide you with stretchability. Polyester is great for cycling shorts and if you are looking for something more comfortable, cotton can be a better option.

What can we wear with women cycling shorts?

You can style cycling shorts as you like- with long, oversized tees, short crop tops, sports bras and everything in between.

Can BlissClub cycling shorts be used for other activities?

Of course! You can wear them to the gym, for lunging when you’re done lounging, and so many other things.

How do I care for BlissClub cycling shorts?

Detailed instructions for wash care are provided along with the product when you purchase the shorts in the innercard. You can also find the details on the specific product page.