Cycling Shorts for Women

Sizes from XS to XXXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXXL

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Blissclub is super delighted to bring you excellent cycling shorts for women that make a huge difference in the way you move. Be it a light cycling routine or heavy duty spin class, our collection of women cycling shorts are great for your moves, in and out of the gym. Our super comfortable cycling shorts for women are truly multipurpose and help you achieve your performance goals. Women’s cycling shorts by Blissclub offer you comfort without taking away from functionality.

What makes our cycling shorts for girls different and better? Ladies cycling shorts with great fits and comfort stand out from other women’s cycling shorts that simply don’t fit that well. We make cycling shorts for girls in sweat wicking, durable materials that last long. You can buy cycling shorts online from us at amazing prices. There are many things you need to keep in mind when you shop cycling shorts. Women cycling shorts are of different types based on their lengths and the fits that they offer. Some female cycling shorts might have a construct that is more durable than comfortable. Other cycling shorts for women might focus more on comfort and not offer you much functionality.

Cycling shorts for women by Blissclub do not take focus away from either. We make women cycling shorts that are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Blissclub brings you cycling shorts for ladies that are made from fabric that feels like second skin. Also, our girls cycling shorts make movement so much easier for you. They have pockets. Our cycling shorts for women have multiple pockets - to ensure you have complete handsfree movement and this is just one of the many reasons to buy cycling shorts online from Blissclub. We simply have the best cycling shorts for all your moves. Getting cycling shorts online might be a bit tricky, so let us take you through what it takes.

What are cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts for women are most similar to gym shorts for women, but they are meant to be taken out for activities like cycling. Cycling is a high impact activity that requires dedicated high-waisted cycling shorts and clothes that offer similar levels of functionality. Cycling shorts for women are sports bottomwear. Blissclub engineers many varieties of shorts with pockets but our cycling shorts for ladies are meant for movement. The fabric is endurant and tough. Girls cycling shorts are mid thigh length shorts that differ from other sports shorts in general.

Benefits of women cycling shorts:

Women’s cycling shorts offer numerous advantages over regular women’s shorts. Ladies cycling shorts are more comfortable for movement, more durable and have multiple functional features. Here are some benefits of cycling shorts for women that make it better:

Increased comfort and breathability: The level of comfort you experience with women cycling shorts is definitely higher than regular shorts not recommended for movement. Cycling shorts for women made from fabric like spandex and polyester tend to be more comfortable and breathable as such. You feel better and you function better owing to the premium quality of the fabric. You can get the best cycling shorts from Blissclub that ensure added comfort and breathability.

More durable than regular women’s shorts: Cycling shorts for women are more resistant to wear and tear compared to lighter options like cotton shorts which are great for low impact moves. These high waisted shorts make it easier for you to endure, build and grow your strength on account of being stronger, stretchier and smarter. Women cycling shorts are more durable and tend to withstand more dirt and dust than your usual polyester shorts or plus size shorts not designed for movement.

Way more functional: Women cycling shorts tend to be way more functional compared to regular versions, making them suitable cycling clothes for women. You can just put on your sports bra and your ladies cycling shorts and take things for a spin while having everything sorted - moisture wicking fabric that is seen in running shorts, pockets, etc. Spandex shorts, which is what usually cycling shorts for women are, offer a great level of stretch which adds to the overall wearer comfort.

Best fabrics for women’s cycling shorts

Polyester: Polyester is without a doubt one of the best fabrics for cycling shorts for women. Girls cycling shorts comprise durable fabrics like polyester which is strong, naturally quick drying and resistant to wear and tear. When combined with polyester, spandex adds to the natural quality of your women cycling shorts and builds a lot of durability to your shorts. Cycling shorts for ladies need to be stretchy, soft and comfortable and polyester-spandex shorts succeed in establishing that balance.

Spandex: Spandex contributes a lot of comfort and stretchability to your cycling shorts for women. This is a very popular fabric in women sportswear on account of multiple benefits that it offers. It is compressive, stretchy and adds to the durability. Spandex is a great fabric popular across different types of sportswear for women including ladies cycling shorts and capris for women. Your knee length cycling shorts with spandex is great for your spin class and outdoor cycling adventures.

Nylon: Nylon is a highly preferred fabric for cycling shorts for women, and other women sportswear. Being a highly durable fabric, nylon is great for your plus size cycling shorts and you can perform high impact activities depending on the overall construct as well as the spandex percentage.

How to style cycling shorts for women?

Cycling shorts for women are pretty easy to style. You can wear a whole range of topwear with your women cycling shorts including t-shirts, sports bras, tank tops and more. Styling cycling shorts for ladies is pretty straightforward. You can wear whatever you like with your women cycling shorts but here are a few styling suggestions that work as well:

Long t-shirts: Long and comfortable t-shirts are great to pair with your women’s cycling shorts. Comfortable long t-shirts along with cycling shorts for women add to a casual yet sporty look you can carry out all day long. Cycling shorts for ladies can be worn with long printed tees as well as plain long t-shirts.

Short crop tops: Crop tops and cycling shorts for women are a great pair that work well together. Women cycling shorts go pretty well with short crop tops for a totally casual semi-sporty chic look. Buy cycling shorts for women on our website or at our store and pair them with your favourite crop tops - solid or printed.

Sports bras: Sports bras of different kinds and colours are great outfit options for women’s cycling shorts. Your active look does not need more effort than simple girls cycling shorts paired with racerback or comfortable sports bras. You can choose to layer on your sports bras or keep it simple with just sports bras and cycling shorts for women.

Tank tops: Tank tops and women’s cycling shorts go pretty well together. Women cycling shorts when paired with tank tops make for comfortable attire that let you move unrestricted. Especially for your summer active looks, where you want your tank tops and cycling shorts for ladies to not do more than just offer you comfort and some cooling.

Oversized tees: You can pair your ladies cycling shorts with oversized tees for a totally casual yet active look - look casual but move as freely as you like. Oversized tees and cycling shorts for women define relaxed comfort.

How to choose the right pair of cycling shorts for ladies?

There are some factors you should consider when choosing the right pair of cycling shorts for women. Some obvious ones include comfort, relaxation, stretchability and durability. Here is a list of things to consider when you buy cycling shorts:

Make sure they keep you comfortable: Cycling shorts for women need to be comfortable and keep you feeling like you can move without restrictions. Look for the perfect blend of fabric and a proper fit to ensure that you remain comfy through all your moves. Experience softness, breathability and more when you buy cycling shorts for women from Blissclub.

Make sure they are functional: Women cycling shorts need to be functional, and in multiple ways. The fabric needs to be moisture-wicking and soft, and stay very breathable. Functionality is the most important thing to look for in ladies cycling shorts. Functionality comes from things as simple as your girls cycling shorts having enough pockets.

Make sure they stretch well: Stretchability is something that adds to the comfort levels of your cycling shorts for ladies. Make sure that the cycling shorts for women have enough spandex so they stretch well and accommodate all your different moves. Spandex is an important component of cycling shorts as it lets you stretch free and perform a wide range of movements.

Why choose Blissclub for women’s cycling shorts?

Blissclub is the perfect choice for women’s cycling shorts. Women cycling shorts by blissclub top the list on multiple fronts: comfort, functionality, stretch, and more.

Comfortable: Blissclub brings you cycling shorts for ladies that are supremely comfortable. They are made using lightweight and breathable fabric that is super soft and almost feels like your second skin. Comfort is a given in almost every piece of clothing brought to you by Blissclub.

Super soft handfeel: We add finishes to most of our products, including our women cycling shorts to ensure that they are super soft to touch. Our cycling shorts for women are comfortably compressive as well with soft waistbands that do not hurt you.

Pockets: At Blissclub, we do not shy away from giving women what they really want - functional clothes with pockets. Our cycling shorts for women have enough pockets to store all your essentials while you take them for a spin. You can also use your cycling shorts for girls for different kinds of movement.

Functional Features: Our cycling shorts for ladies don’t just have pockets, oh no. With Blissclub cycling shorts, you have a whole lot of functional features including moisture wicking fabric, a comfortable compression at the waist - a soft waistband and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts are specially designed shorts for women that are extra stretchable and comfortable to keep moving- in your low-impact and high-impact moves.

Can I wear cycling shorts daily?

Cycling shorts for women and girls can be worn everyday for different activities. You can wear them for different activities and occasions.

Can I wear cycling shorts all day?

It is not a good idea to wear cycling shorts all day because the compression can be uncomfortable and affect blood flow.

Why are cycling shorts important?

Cycling shorts for girls offer you the best movement range and maximum comfort if you are looking for something comfortable and of the perfect length for completely unrestricted movement.

Can plus size women wear cycling shorts?

Any woman can wear cycling shorts and rock them. Our cycling shorts for women are designed for all Indian bodies and we love how they make you feel.

Which fabric is good for cycling shorts?

Make sure that your cycling shorts have enough spandex in them to provide you with stretchability. Polyester is great for cycling shorts and if you are looking for something more comfortable, cotton can be a better option.

What can we wear with women cycling shorts?

You can style cycling shorts as you like- with long, oversized tees, short crop tops, sports bras and everything in between.

Can BlissClub cycling shorts be used for other activities?

Of course! You can wear them to the gym, for lunging when you’re done lounging, and so many other things.

How do I care for BlissClub cycling shorts?

Detailed instructions for wash care are provided along with the product when you purchase the shorts in the innercard. You can also find the details on the specific product page.