Cotton Shorts for Women

Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL

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Introducing the most comfortable cotton shorts for women, ever. Blissclub brings you women cotton shorts laden with comfort and everything else that makes you feel blissfully light and relaxed. Blissclub offers you everything you are looking for in the perfect pair of women’s cotton shorts, and then some more. There is no better place for you to buy cotton shorts, given just how perfect they are. Before you buy from our collection of cotton shorts for women, let’s tell you why.

What are the features you look for in womens cotton shorts that make them perfect for your daily use? Your women cotton shorts need to be comfortable, lightweight, adjustable without causing discomfort on the waist. You need your women’s cotton shorts to be super breathable as well, so you feel light and fresh everytime you move. This is where we come in with our cotton shorts for girls that make you feel like you are wearing, well cotton. Women’s cotton shorts by Blissclub are loaded with a tonne of features that keep you feeling super light and comfortable.

Benefits of Women Cotton Shorts:

Women cotton shorts are almost magical in how comfortable they are, especially when the weather is not favourable and things are just too heavy to handle. With a super comfy pair of cotton shorts for girls, you can take over your day and keep yourself moving in comfort without worrying about restrictions. Here are all the benefits of cotton shorts for ladies that will make you want to buy cotton shorts for yourself:

Comfort: Cotton shorts for ladies are lightweight, breathable and super comfortable and they keep you feeling airy. Girls cotton shorts add to your comfort every time you move and add to your comfort in every move. Irrespective of whether you are wearing them in summer or winter, our girls cotton shorts keep you feeling comfortable in every weather.

Easy to style: Ladies cotton shorts are easy to style given how you can pair them with almost any kind of comfortable topwear or sports bras. Our cotton shorts for women are easy to pair with loose and fitting t-shirts of any kind. Pick any kind of comfortable topwear that you like and you’ll see how you can pair them super easily with your ladies cotton shorts. Buy cotton shorts from us and style it with any type of topwear you like.

Versatile: Buy cotton shorts and know that you can wear them and style them as you like depending on the occasion for the week. Women cotton shorts are easy to style and available in different styles - they could be mid or high rise, even half cotton shorts blended with other fabrics for added comfort.

Weather friendly: Get loose cotton shorts or pure cotton shorts for ladies and you will be getting hold of a completely weather-friendly outfit, given that cotton is an insulating material. Cotton has the ability to keep you cool during summers and warm during the winter. So you can use your female cotton shorts all year long and be sure that you won’t have to shop every summer.

Durability: When you shop cotton shorts, you can be sure that they are pretty durable. Your cotton cycling shorts will be able to withstand the chances of wear and tear that it could be subjected to during your heavy moves. Cotton is a rather durable material, which means that you can use your half cotton shorts for a long time, and almost every day if that’s what you want.

How to style women's cotton shorts?

Women cotton shorts can easily be styled in multiple ways. There are many different types of topwear that go very well with cotton shorts and keep you light and comfortable in all your moves. Here are some styling suggestions for you to style your cotton shorts for women in the best ways:

With loose t-shirts: Loose and comfortable t-shirts are great options for styling your comfy cotton shorts and adding to the overall look and feel of your outfit. Loose t-shirts go well with both mid rise cotton shorts as well as high waisted cotton shorts. You can shop cotton shorts and style them with any kind of loose topwear for a super summery comfort look.

Tank tops: Tank tops and cotton shorts for women go very well with each other. You can style your plus size shorts and track pants with tank tops too to nail your active summer look. Your plus size cotton shorts offer you limited but comfortable coverage which is complemented by the tank top.

Sports bras: You can shop cotton shorts and style them so well with your sports bras. Sports bras offer a good coverage, depending on the kind that you buy and when you pair them with your soft cotton shorts, you can easily nail an active yet comfy look. Cotton yoga shorts go great with sports bras of all kinds, ideally those from equally breathable materials would work best.

Shirts: Don’t reserve your shirts just for the joggers and leggings, your stretchy cotton shorts also pair really well with shirts of different kinds. Crop shirts, normal regular shirts and oversized shirts are all great for pairing with shorts with pockets. Your favourite shirts will look amazing with your cotton shorts for women, so what are you waiting for? Shop cotton shorts online right now on Blissclub.

How to choose the right ladies cotton shorts?

There are multiple factors that go into choosing the right pair of sports shorts for you, including cotton shorts with pockets:

The stretchability: If you are planning on moving in your cotton shorts for women, make sure that they are stretchable enough to accommodate your moves. The best cotton shorts for women that have enough spandex or have a construct that let them stretch quite a bit are ideal for your everyday moves, low to medium impact. Get cotton shorts online that let you stretch from us.

The fit: Whether you purchase your cotton shorts online or offline, the best cotton shorts are those that fit you just the way you like them. Look for cotton shorts for women that offer a mid-rise or high-rise fit, and other features that let you move the way you like. Ideally, your cycling shorts and cotton shorts with pockets need to have adjustable drawstrings.

How and where you will use them: Think about where you will use your cotton shorts for women and decide accordingly on the ones that will offer you the best coverage and comfort. Your women’s shorts options should include those that are perfect for summers, well-knit for winters and all-weather friendly options like yoga shorts for women.

How easy they are to style: An important thing to keep in mind when you shop cotton shorts is how you plan on styling them. If you prefer shorter tops like crop tops of crop shirts, then high rise cotton shorts for women might be better options for you. You can also go for mid-high rise options of running shorts so that you can wear them as you like, with oversized topwear as well as cropped tops.

Why choose Blissclub for cotton shorts?

Comfort: Comfort is almost synonymous with all our products, including our women cotton shorts. We engineer our products using the right blend of fabric, fit and functionality. This ensures that all our products are laden with comfort and great for all kinds of movement.

Great Fits: All our products are built for Indian bodies and meant to flatter your curves. Our fits are thoughtful, non-restrictive and size-inclusive. Every piece of clothing you buy from Blissclub including our women cotton shorts offer you a wonderful fit.

Premium Fabric: Our cotton is different from regular cotton. We take our time to finalize thoughtful compositions of fabric blends that offer you unlimited comfort and a whole lot of other benefits. We have cotton-poly, pure cotton and cotton-spandex options of fabric across different products.

Functional Features: All our products are engineered to help you move. Our cotton shorts with pockets have more than just that. They feature an adjustable drawstring to keep them in place. The fabric is stretchy, moisture resistant and insulating. The fit is relaxed and non-restrictive. Also, yes - two deep slant pockets.

FAQs related to cotton shorts

What can we pair with cotton shorts?

You can wear your cotton shorts for ladies with any kind of topwear you like including shirts, t-shirts, crop tops, sports bras, etc.

Can we use cotton shorts at the gym?

Cotton is not a great material for high impact sports and activities. It can cause discomfort on account of moisture buildup.

Where can we use cotton shorts?

Cotton shorts are multipurpose and can be used throughout the day, from your work to low impact workout plans and evening plans afterwards.

Are women’s cotton shorts easy to take care of?

Yes. Please follow the wash care instructions on the label to take best care of your cotton shorts.