Plus Size Joggers for Women

From Sizes XS to XXXXL
From Sizes XS to XXXXL
From Sizes XS to XXXXL
From Sizes XS to XXXXL

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Plus size joggers are a popular choice for women who wear larger sizes and are looking for comfortable and stylish activewear. They're perfect for activities like workouts, outdoor adventures, or for simply lounging at home. Features like elastic waistbands, breathable materials, and tapered legs, make them functional and while also being fashionable.

However, finding good plus size joggers for women can be a challenging task. Most activewear brands tend to cater to smaller sizes, leaving a limited range of options for people who wear larger sizes. Fortunately, more and more activewear brands are starting to recognize the need for inclusive sizing and are expanding their offerings to include plus size track pants.

Some brands have variants for heights as well, tall plus size joggers and short plus size joggers. This shift is essential to allow people of all sizes to feel included and empowered. Pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle should not be dependent on your size. Hence, joggers for plus size ladies are not only a practical choice, but they also promote body positivity and acceptance of all kinds of women.

Why do you need plus size joggers?

Plus size joggers pants for women are becoming increasingly popular. As more and more women seek comfortable and stylish activewear options that cater to their body type, the demand for these is on the rise. The fashion industry has neglected the needs of plus size women for too long. This has left them with limited choices when it comes to activewear. Fortunately, the rise of body positivity and size inclusivity movements has prompted many activewear brands to offer a wider range of sizes, including plus size joggers for girls.

Generally, plus size joggers for women are designed to fit a fuller figure and provide enough room for easy movement. They come in a range of styles and designs, allowing you to find a pair that suits your personal style and body type. From skin fit joggers to straight leg joggers, you can find a pair that flatters your curves and provides the support you need during physical activity.

Plus size joggers for ladies are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just exercise. Women plus size joggers are not only comfortable as loungewear but also stylish enough to wear out and about. This makes them a great choice for casual outings or even work (depending on your dress code).

In terms of exercise, women’s plus size joggers are perfect for a range of activities, from yoga to weightlifting to running. They offer a full range of motion and allow you to move freely without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Plus, many joggers are made with moisture-wicking fabrics that can help keep you cool and dry during intense workouts.

Another great thing about these joggers is that they can be worn all year round, irrespective of the weather. They can be paired with a cosy hoodie and sneakers for a comfortable and casual look. In the warmer months, you can pair them with a tank top and sandals for a chic and comfortable outfit.

Different Types of Joggers for Plus Size Women

No matter what your style or activity preference is, there's a perfect pair of joggers for you. With a variety of options available in the market, plus size women can find joggers that cater to their needs and make them feel confident and comfortable during any activity.
Here are some popular types of joggers for plus size women:

Classic Joggers

These joggers for plus size women feature a relaxed fit with a tapered leg, elastic waistband, and ribbed cuffs. Cotton joggers or polyester joggers are perfect for casual wear or could replace yoga pants for low-impact activities like yoga. These also double as workwear and are perfect plus size joggers for work.

Fitted Joggers

Fitted joggers are form-fitting pants that hug the body's curves and offer a streamlined look. They usually have a high waistband and are made of materials like spandex or nylon. High waisted plus size joggers are perfect for activities like running or HIIT workouts.

Cargo Joggers

Cargo joggers are a trendy option that features multiple pockets on the side, a relaxed fit, and tapered legs. They’re made of nylon or polyester as these materials are durable and lightweight. This makes cargo joggers perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking or camping.

Harem Joggers

Harem joggers are a loose-fitting style with a low crotch and tapered legs. They are made of soft and lightweight materials like rayon or bamboo and offer maximum comfort and flexibility. These joggers are perfect for lounging at home or gentle yoga. Black joggers for women are quite popular too.

Capri Joggers

Capri joggers are a cropped version of classic joggers, with a length that falls between the knee and ankle. They are made of lightweight and breathable materials like cotton or spandex and are perfect for warmer weather or low-impact activities like Pilates or barre.

Skin Fit Joggers

Skin-fit jogger pants for women feature a form-fitting design with a tapered leg, similar to fitted joggers. However, they offer a tighter fit and often have a higher waistband. Due to the stretchy materials used to make them, these joggers for women offer maximum flexibility and support during high-intensity workouts.

Straight Leg Joggers

Plus size straight leg joggers feature a straight cut from the hip to the ankle, with no tapering. They often feature a high waistband and are made of breathable materials like cotton or bamboo. These joggers offer a relaxed and comfortable fit, perfect for low-impact activities like walking or yoga.

How to Style your Plus Size Joggers

Joggers for plus size women are versatile and comfortable clothing items that can be styled in many different ways for various occasions. Experiment with different tops, shoes, and accessories to create your perfect look with your joggers.

Here are some styling tips that can help you create different looks with your plus size joggers:

Athleisure Look

The athleisure trend has taken the fashion world by storm, and joggers are a perfect addition to this style. You can pair your joggers with a fitted t-shirt or tank top and a pair of sneakers. This would give you a casual and sporty look. You can add a denim jacket or a hoodie to layer up during cooler weather.

Dressy Look

Joggers can also be dressed up for a more formal occasion. Pair them with a blouse or a crop top and a pair of heels for a dressy look. You can add a blazer or a statement necklace to elevate the outfit further. This look can be worn out for a date night, a night out with friends, or even to a semi-formal event.

Loungewear Look

Joggers can be paired with a comfortable hoodie or sweatshirt for a relaxed look. They’re the ultimate loungewear, making them perfect for a cosy night in. You can add a pair of fuzzy socks or slippers to complete the cosy vibe. Wear this outfit at home for watching movies at home, reading a book or simply relaxing.

Workout Look

Joggers are insanely comfortable and go with any of your workouts. Pair them with a sports bra or a workout top and a pair of sneakers for a functional and stylish look. You can add a jacket or a sweatshirt for cooler weather. This outfit is perfect for any fitness activity or gym session.

Shop for the Right Plus Size Joggers for You

Shopping for the right plus size joggers for women especially, requires attention to detail and consideration of your personal needs. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to shop plus size joggers, and find the perfect pair of joggers that fit comfortably and support your active lifestyle. Here are some things to keep in mind when you buy plus size joggers:

Consider the Material

Look for joggers made of breathable materials like cotton, bamboo, or moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester. These materials will keep you comfortable and cool during any activity. Plus size cotton joggers, for example, would be a good option to go for. The material description can be checked easily while shopping for plus size joggers online.

Check the Fit

When you buy plus size joggers for women, it's important to find the right fit. Look for joggers that fit snugly around your waist and hips but aren't too tight or too loose. You want girls plus size joggers to be loose, so you’d be able to move comfortably in them. But they shouldn't be baggy like women's plus size sweatpants.

Look for Stretch

Womens plus size joggers made with stretchy materials like spandex or elastane will give you more flexibility and support during high-impact activities. Make sure the joggers have some stretch to them to avoid any discomfort.

Consider the Length

The length of the joggers is also important. Look for ladies' plus size joggers that fit well around your ankle, so they don't bunch up or ride up during exercise. If you prefer a cropped style, make sure they hit the right spot on your leg.

Pay Attention to the Waistband

The waistband is an essential part of any jogger. Look for joggers with a wide waistband that sits comfortably on your hips without digging in or rolling down.

Check for Pockets

Joggers with pockets are a bonus, especially if you plan to wear them for running or exercising. Look for joggers with deep pockets that can hold your phone, keys, or other small items.

Try Them On

Always try on joggers before purchasing them, or if buying online, check the size chart and reviews carefully. Make sure they fit well and feel comfortable before making a purchase.

Why Choose Blissclub’s Plus Size Joggers

When choosing a pair of plus size jogger pants, it's important to consider various factors to ensure that they meet your needs and preferences. Here are some tips on how to choose the right pair of joggers:


Blissclub’s joggers offer a full-length and straight fit, which can flatter your figure and provide ample room for movement.


Opt for plus size joggers with pockets, and you can be hands-free and not worry about not having room to store your essentials. Blissclub’s joggers come equipped with 2 zippered side pockets and a hidden inner pocket for secure storage of your essentials.


Choose joggers with a soft elasticated waistband that can provide comfort and support during extended periods of wear.


Select joggers with an adjustable drawcord that can help you achieve a customized fit and ensure that they stay in place during activity.

FAQs related to Women Plus Size Joggers

What is the difference between joggers and sweatpants?

Joggers are typically made of thinner and more lightweight material compared to sweatpants. Joggers also have a more fitted, tapered look, while sweatpants have a looser fit.

How to style ladies plus size joggers?

Plus size jogger pants for women can be styled in various ways, including pairing them with a fitted t-shirt or tank top for a sporty look, or dressing them up with a blouse and heels for a more formal occasion.

What are some best fabrics for plus size joggers?

Some of the best fabrics for women’s plus size joggers include cotton, bamboo, and moisture-wicking materials like polyester. Stretchy materials like spandex and elastane can also add flexibility and support during high-impact activities.

How to choose the right plus size joggers for women?

To choose the right plus size joggers, consider factors such as material, fit, stretch, length, waistband, and pockets. Look for joggers made of breathable materials, with some stretch and a comfortable waistband. Try them on before purchasing or check size charts and reviews carefully if buying online.