High Waisted Pants for Women

Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL
Sizes from XS to XXXL

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High rise pants for women are a wardrobe staple, and Blissclub’s latest creation is the AM:PM line. The AM:PM collection, or the all-day collection, brings four new variants of high-waisted pants that are versatile enough to get you through your whole day, no matter the time. Looking to buy high waisted pants online? Look no further than Blissclub!

You can confidently move through the day in style with these high-waisted pants. Go to work in these pants, relax at home, or even get your workout in with them. At Blissclub, we take pride in creating high-quality, versatile, and fashionable clothing, and our latest AM:PM collection exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional products.

How Women High Waisted Pants are Versatile

These bottoms are comfortable. They are a wardrobe staple seamlessly transitioning from day to night, offering endless styling possibilities. High-waisted pants have you covered whether you want to create a casual ensemble or a polished office look.

For Every Body-Type

The high waisted pants for women are a game-changer for every body type. They clinch onto your waist and accentuate your curves, giving you a flattering silhouette. The high waistband provides support for your tummy and back. Our high waisted pants come in 8 sizes - from XS-elene to 4XL-una.

Effortless Style, Any Occasion

Dress them up or down. High-waist pants effortlessly adapt to any occasion. Wear them to your office, wear them at home, or go out and party in them. Our high waisted pants for ladies are comfortable and stylish and fit every occasion.


Your high waisted pants for women will complement any type of topwear or accessories. The possibilities are endless. Pair them with a crop top, a dress shirt, a sweatshirt, a tee, or a blouse. Add a belt or wear jewellery and put together a complete outfit.

All Season Fashion

Our Women high waisted pants are all made up of a high-quality cotton blend. Our womens high waisted pants can be worn year-round. The summer won't limit your fashion choices. These high waist trousers for women will be breathable and cool in the summer and cover you full in the winter. Our womens high rise pants are great for all your moves, always.


High waisted pants are the perfect transitional piece. They make running from work to evening plans easy. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and their adaptability to any occasion will always have your back.

How to Style Your High Waisted Pants for Women

Trendy Casual

Pair your high-waisted pants with a tee or crop top for a touch of flair. Opt for a crop top that hits right at your waistline above the waistband or slightly over it. This will create an outgoing and fashion-forward look.

Layer Up

Elevate your look with a blazer or a cardigan top. A tailored look will be perfect for office or anything in a formal setting. On the other hand, something cosy, like a cardigan, will make you look more relaxed and casual. Ladies high waisted pants also accord the coverage you may need if the weather gets cold.

Add Definition

A well-chosen belt will add detail and definition to your waistline and overall look. Experiment with different styles and colours to find what works and gives you your personalised look. Whether you need high rise pants for the office or a special event, our ladies high waisted trousers offer versatility and timeless style.

Decide on Footwear

Picking your footwear can complete your look. Choose a pair of flat footwear for a more casual and comfortable look. Add height to your legs with heels to look more elegant. Match your footwear to the occasion, and your high-waisted pants will do the rest.

Create a Polished Look

A pair of pants will go well with any topwear that aims to make you look polished and professional. A tucked-in shirt with a pair of pants is a classic professional look; pairing that with dress shoes or heels and a tie or blazer will complete the look.

Girls High Waisted Pants

Such pants are perfect for the fashion-forward young ladies. They allow for mixing and matching to create a variety of outfits and allow girls to express their individuality and style. High waisted pants for girls can be bought from Blissclub online or in stores.

Why choose Blissclub for your high-rise Pants for women?

We have curated a selection of high-quality and trendy high-waisted, comfortable and fashionable pants. Shop high waisted pants made to elevate your style and provide ultimate comfort throughout the day. With our user-friendly website, finding the perfect pair of high-waisted pants online has never been easier.

At Blissclub, we understand the importance of finding the right fit and style. Our collection of women’s high waisted pants online caters to various preferences, whether you're looking for a classic black high waisted pants, tailored high rise pants, or trendy high waist trousers. We carefully curate our selection, ensuring each pair meets our high-quality and fashion-forward design standards. Don't wait any longer – buy high waisted pants from Blissclub and transform your wardrobe with stylish and flattering options that will make you feel confident and fabulous.

Quality and Craftsmanship

From the stitching to the fabric, every element is thoughtfully designed to provide you with women’s high waisted pants that stand the test of time.

Wide range of Design

We offer a diverse range of high-waisted pants because we understand that style is personal. Within our "AM:PM" or All Day collection, Blissclub offers four women’s high waisted pants - The Cotton Culottes, The Cotton Pencil Pants, The Cotton High Waist Straight Pants, and the Cotton Wide-legged Pants or high waisted flare pants.

Lovely fit for every body type

Our high-waisted trousers are made to fit various body types because of this. Our thoughtfully picked collection comes in 8 sizes, making them plus size high waist pants to size zero womens high waisted pants. It fits, guaranteeing you can discover the ideal pair to accentuate your figure and give you more self-confidence.

No Compromise on Comfort

In our high-waisted pants, comfort is essential. The best materials, including our unique CottonFlo fabric, are used to create our pants. They are ideal for work, the gym, walking, and more because of their unique composition of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which allows for breathability and stretch. Waistbands that are too tight are no more; say welcome to all-day comfort. They can easily be used as high waist gym pants or high waisted yoga pants. If you’re a fan of breathable and soft fabrics, high waist cotton pants will be your go to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are high waisted pants only suitable for certain body types?

No, high waisted pants are suitable for all body types. They create an illusion of a smaller waist, elongate your legs, and give your figure a more flattering look. You’ll find a pair that looks good on you and feels great just by picking the correct size. We offer plus size pants and size XS too - remaining size neutral.

How do I wash and care for my high waist pants?

Read the product page or the garment tag for proper washing and drying instructions to prolong the life and quality of your pair high waisted pants. Wash them in cold water with mild detergent and a gentle cycle.

How many colours are the pants available in?

All our pants from the AM:PM collection are available in 3 stunning colours - Bliss Black, Naina Navy, and Veronica Vintage Lilac.

Are the high waited trousers suitable for a workout?

Yes, the CottonFlo material is super stretchy and breathable. It is suitable for gym, yoga, and walks.

Are there any high waist formal pants for ladies?

Our AM:PM cotton straight pants are high waist pants that can be worn at the office in a professional environment. Our AM:PM high waist wide leg pants pass as a pair of high waisted bell bottom pants too.

Is there any point to the high waisted trousers?

We devised our high waisted trousers as a functional and comfortable pair of pants. They look good, and even go well with completely formal ensembles. As and activewear and movewear brand, wanted to accord to freedom and comfort to women in all aspects of their lives.