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With sports bras from Blissclub, don’t worry about compromising on support or comfort at any point. Depending on the kinds of moves you have planned for the day, you can choose from our wide range of premium quality sports bras for women available at affordable prices and a whole lot of sizes. You can purchase a great, high support padded sports bra or choose to pick a more comfortable sports bra for your low-impact activities.

Blissclub focuses on three important things when we design and craft our premium sports bras for girls - we emphasise on selecting fabric that is strong, comfortable and softer than the clouds. Our fit is designed to enable your moves without restricting anything but the bounce you want to avoid. Lastly, we ensure that our sports bras are gym bras, day bras and a great substitute for tops during summer as they are super stylish with great coverage.

What is a Sports Bra?

A sports bra is a versatile bra that focuses on providing you maximum flexibility with minimal discomfort to your breasts while you perform low-high impact physical activities. While a regular bra focuses on improving your aesthetics, sports bras help you move. Sports bras help prevent your breasts from sagging while also reducing the impact physical activities could place on them. You could wear a sports bra pretty much anywhere- at the gym, while shopping or even just while lounging in.

Different Types of Women's Sports Bras

Depending on different factors, there are different types of sports bras out there for you.

Low-Impact Sports Bra: Low impact sports bras balance comfort with support, focusing more on the former. They are ideal for use in activities that don’t demand too much movement. A low impact sports bra offers minimal support- for minimal bounce. Wear it when you go out for pilates, cafe hopping and coming home to chill without having to take your bra off.

Medium-Impact Sports Bra: Take the support level up a notch with medium-impact sports bras. These are created to provide you decent support suitable for mild to moderate physical activity including hiking, golfing, etc. These bras are more structured than low impact sports bras and provide more support in potentially medium-bounce situations.

High-Impact Sports Bra: High-impact is the way to go if you are serious about #movingit. High Impact Sports Bra are structured for preventing bouncing and flopping out in situations where you need to push your movements to the next level. You could jog in this, play basketball, go for a long run or do cartwheels during your dance routine- high impact sports bras are all about maximum support.

Padded Sports Bra: Padded sports bras are wonderful for the immense support that they offer. Padded bras prevent nipple-show and could help by offering higher coverage and lower impact as a result of different activities. Interestingly, many sports bras aren’t typically padded. The padding, comprising foam cups for shape and support offer comfort as well.

Racerback Sports Bra: Racerback Sports Bras exist for the purpose of combining aesthetics and athletics. You could wear them under your racer back tops or dresses, and they would fit right in while doing everything you would expect from your sports bra. Because of the high frontal closure and the limited central closure, you are bound to experience more support to your sternum.

Criss-Cross Back Sports Bra: Want to vamp up your sporty cool look at the gym? Go criss-cross! These are yummy additions to your wardrobe and workout routine that you can sport everywhere you like. Criss-cross sports bras offer you pretty firm support and can be worn under low back tanks or without anything else layering on.

Benefits of Women’s Sports Bra

Want to vamp up your sporty cool look at the gym? Go criss-cross! These are yummy additions to your wardrobe and workout routine that you can sport everywhere you like. They offer you pretty firm support and can be worn under low back tanks or without anything else layering on.

Support and Comfort: A sports bra is specifically designed to provide support for women's breasts during physical activity. This is essential for preventing discomfort and pain caused by bouncing and jostling of the breasts during exercise. A good sports bra will keep the breasts in place and reduce movement, which can help prevent breast pain and damage.

Reducing Breast Sagging: Regularly wearing a sports bra can help to reduce the risk of breast sagging. This is because sports bras provide the necessary support and lift to keep the breasts in place during physical activity. This can help to prevent the stretching of the ligaments in the breasts, which can lead to sagging over time.

Improving Performance: A sports bra can also improve a woman's performance during physical activity. This is because it provides support and reduces movement, which can help to reduce fatigue and muscle strain. This can lead to improved endurance and overall performance during exercise.

Enhancing Confidence: Wearing a sports bra can also enhance a woman's confidence during physical activity. This is because it provides the necessary support and coverage to keep the breasts in place and reduce movement. This can help to prevent embarrassment or self-consciousness during exercise, which can lead to improved confidence and self-esteem.

Self-Sufficient Clothing: A sports bra is a versatile and self-sufficient piece of clothing that can be worn on its own or paired with other items such as leggings, shorts, or capris. It allows for maximum freedom of movement and confidence during physical activity, and can also be worn casually for everyday activities such as grocery shopping, window shopping, or cafe hopping.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

While having the right sports bra can be delightful and leave you feeling wonderful the whole day, the wrong one could be quite the trouble. Here are some pointers to guide you on choosing the right sports bra for all your activities:

Know that there are three types of sports bras.

Based on the function they are designed for, there are three kinds of sports bras you should know about: compression bras (for slighter breasts and low-impact activities), encapsulated sports bras (for larger breasts and high impact activities) and a combination of these that provides maximum support and compression.

Know your cup size and how it translates.

Knowing your specifications concerning your cup size and overall bra size will help you identify the best sports bra for you in terms of support and comfort. You want the bra to feel just right- which is why knowing your size matters. Look for brands of sports bras that provide you detailed information regarding the sizing rather than generic labels like Small/Medium/Large.

Material Matters!

Make sure that the fabric used in the clothing is of excellent quality. More importantly, the fabric should be sweat friendly, capable of stretching and durable in nature. Keep the activity in mind when you are purchasing your sports bra and know that the right fabric can make a whole lot of difference.

When in doubt, go all out.

Get one (or more) low-impact sports bra for your casual wear and when you are out for a light yoga session but make sure that you have a couple of high-impact sports bras for your sporty days when you have to move it without bouncing them around.

Why Blissclub for Sports Bras?

In a world of either/or, we want it all! Plain old sports bras? Nah. Comfort sports bras are what you need, what you want and what you deserve.

Delightfully Comfortable:

All our sports bras are created using comfortable and ultra-soft material designed to make your body feel hugged, supported and loved. Leave those days behind when you yearn to take your bra off. You won’t even notice you are wearing sports bras till you glance at the mirror and go whoa…who’s that beauty.

Hi-tech Fashion:

Sweat-wicking, extremely breathable, water-proof, colour-protective material handpicked by industry experts to ensure that you have all the support you need to push your limits, above and beyond. Moreover, our fabric is extremely resilient as well so you can stretch, jump and run as fast as you can go!

Stylish yet Supportive:

Yes, you can have it all. A comfort bra that looks great and supports you is a must-have in your wardrobe. Blissclub blends style with functionality so smoothly, you will find yourself reaching out for these sports bras everyday! Forget side spillage and cleavage-show, we offer pretty high coverage on all our bras.

Wear them Everywhere!

Put them on under your tee or show off your favourite new sports bras by wearing them as they are. You could pair them with shorts, leggings, tracks and more- athleisure is a street style that is here to stay! Go shopping in them, wear them to work and hit the gym afterwards- spend your day looking and feeling amazing.

Blissclub: Bringing you the Best Activewear for Women

Our wide collection of activewear clothing currently includes a wide range of non-padded and padded sports bras (ladies sports bras), bottomwear, tops & tees. Our customers love rocking their gym-aesthetics by dressing it up in our super comfortable and fashionable leggings (The Ultimate Leggings) which pair well with any of our sports bras.

Looking for something even more comfortable than buttery-smooth leggings? Check out our collection of shorts - perfect for staying in and reading that book you’ve been meaning to or for taking your doggo on a long walk. A casual day out with no workout? You are going to look fab in our capris, regular and flare pants that will let you move all day.

We love crop tops just as much as we love boyfriend tees. And that is how much we love comfortable and super breezy tanks. Which, no surprise, is how much we seem to adore kurtis. That’s why we have them all right here for you.

FAQs related to Sports Bras

What is the difference between regular bras and sports bras for women?

A regular bra is as it sounds-regular. It is not meant to provide support or comfort. Rather, depending on the type of bra you are wearing, you could expect some shaping, lift or coverage. A womens’ sports bra, specifically the likes of a running sports bra is intended to help you keep moving. Primarily intended for those who want to workout- intense or light, this kind of bra works for everyday use as well.

Which type of sports bra is the best?

This depends on two things- what physical activity you plan on doing and what you expect from ‘the best sports bras’. For walking, lounging, etc. low-impact sports bras (think yoga bra) work best as they are comfortable and offer necessary support as well. Medium and high-impact sports bras (gym bras) offer more support to minimise impact and bounce. For more fashionable options, criss-cross bra and racer back bra work like a charm.

Can I wear a sports bra daily?

Of course you can. Wear it everyday and everywhere. The best sports bras are comfortable sports bras that always look and feel wonderful while potentially eliminating the need for you to pile on more clothes on top of it. Moreover, you can pair them with leggings, shorts, flare pants and what-not. Criss-cross sports bras don’t necessarily belong only to your workout bra collection and they look awesome with tanks and low-back dresses as well.

How to choose a sports bra for girls?

There are three important things that you need to keep in mind when you are choosing a sports bra online or offline. Make sure that it fits you well – it should provide you with the right level of support depending on the activity that you are planning to do wearing it. Pay attention to the fabric composition to make sure that it has sweat wicking properties so that it maintains a breezy feel. Lastly, make sure that the sizing is also right: look for brands that offer detailed sizing information.

How to care for a sports bra?

Follow the washing instructions that are available on the inner card or label of your sports bra for detailed information regarding how you should wash and care for your sports bra such that it lasts long and maintains its quality. Typically, you should be washing your sports bras in warm water, light machine washes would be fine but remember to take out the padding before washes.

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