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Miss Bliss Program FAQs

What is the Miss Bliss program (MBP) and why should I join it?

Miss Bliss Program is the official affiliate program of BlissClub. We invite content creators to spread awareness about our brand through their platforms with the aim of directing traffic and purchases via our website in exchange for a share in the revenue that we earn through the process. You, Miss Bliss, earn every time someone uses your exclusive discount code or referral link to make a viable purchase on our website, on any of our products.

What does it take to be Miss Bliss?

If you are an individual blogger, content creator or influencer with at least one active social media page that you can use to promote BlissClub products, we would love to connect with you. There are just a few things we need from you and you are in for a lifetime of unlimited earning potential.

Are there any criteria that needs to be met for you to be Miss Bliss?

Just a few. Please make sure that all the information you provide us is true, free of error and verifiable. Kindly ensure that you provide us the correct username/links to your blogs and social media platforms. Pay close attention to filling out the account information carefully. And that’s it!

How long will it take for my account to be approved for the MBP?

Approval could take up to a week- but hey, we do whatever it takes to get you on-board sooon. And as soon as your account is approved, we will send you a mail confirming the same.

What happens after my MBP account gets approved?

Yay! Miss Bliss- you are officially associated with us. Next steps are equally exciting. As soon as your account is confirmed, you gain access to a detailed dashboard. Using this platform, you can: - Manage your account - Analyze performance reports - Access your referral link & code - Check payment balance and other info

How do I incentivize people to click on my link? What is in it for them?

Regardless of whether they use the discount code or your referral link, your followers will get 10% discount on all purchases made on the BlissClub official website. During checkout, they can apply the discount code and avail the discount. If they have accessed the website using your link, the discount will automatically be applied to the total cart value.

What happens if the customer cancels or returns an order?

Sadly, if a customer who has used your code or link to make a purchase cancels their order or chooses to return the item, you will not be receiving a commission towards that purchase. For this reason, we have arranged our payment cycle to include payouts after the return period on the products.

What is the payment cycle?

We offer monthly payouts of your earnings. The first and last day of every month is taken into consideration. A detailed email comprising information regarding the number of orders, revenue and final commission will be sent to you by the end of the month. 45 days from this date, you will receive a detailed statement that includes payment information. 15-20 days later, the payment will be credited into your account.

More questions Miss Bliss? Reach out to us by email on collaborations@myblissclub.in or you can get hold of us quicker via Whatsapp Us