Why should I get The Ultimate Leggings?

We see that you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with leggings in yummy colours! You’re clearly on top of what’s hot in the world of style right now! Nothing like a pair of coloured leggings to add some drama to your outfit and up your fashion game. That’s why we scoured worldwide fashion trends to bring you The Ultimate Leggings in 7 of the hottest colours across the globe. Navy, Burgundy, Mauve, Grey, Forest Green, Sangria and Clay- you just have to get them all!

So now that you’ve decided to step up your style with coloured leggings, let’s convince you why you should do it with The Ultimate Leggings. Our leggings are made by Indian women for Indian women. We’ve designed every single detail with the utmost intent, thought and love. We’re sick and tired of having to settle with clothes made according to international body standards. That’s why we sized over 500 Indian women to craft the perfect pair of leggings that hug you in all the right places and fall perfectly at the ankle. And we made them in 7 inclusive sizes from XS to XXXL because fashion is for all shapes and sizes.

These coloured leggings will definitely flatter your curves while surprising you with its thoughtful design and functionality. First of all, the leggings have 4 functional pockets because we WOMEN NEED POCKETS in our clothes! The super high waist prevents roll downs while providing ample compression. The unique tight knitting technology prevents transparency no matter what colour your leggings are. Plus, we’ve added an extra layer of fabric at the crotch to prevent that awkward cameltoe appearance. We’ve made sure that there are no visible logos or branding so that you can wear these coloured leggings anywhere and with anything!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get The Ultimate Leggings in your favourite colours and make your outfits pop!

How can I style my coloured leggings?

Turn up the style quotient with our textured tops.

Mix and match with our classic long sleeved cotton top to step out in style in a look that’s perfect for everything from work to travel.

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