Myra's ride through life with Kathak, Scuba Diving and Yoga

Myra's ride through life with Kathak, Scuba Diving and Yoga

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For the love of travelling, here is our next community member Myra, telling us about her journey of moving and living through water sports, dance and more.

In my late teens I developed a love for travelling. I started travelling to contribute more to the community I visited. Short vacations became month-long stays.
It was one of these journeys to Andaman which led me to the underwater world.The morning of my first dive I was beaming with excitement, until my instructor started strapping me on with heavy equipment. Suddenly I was claustrophobic, getting into the water- a bizarre vast space of nothingness, seemed to be the worst idea ever. I wanted to give up, but something inside me wanted to push through and prove to myself that I could do it. Many uncomfortable dives later and when I escaped the shackles of my self centered fears, I suddenly realised the beauty of the underwater world. I could only hear my bubbles, and the parrot fish chomping on the corals. That moment when the silence and vastness of the ocean hit me, it was addictive.That feeling lingered on through the rest of the day and when I got back to Delhi. I truly missed the pace of the islands and wanted to go back desperately. I booked my tickets for one year later and as planned, a year later moved there. I was the only female diver at my dive school and quickly embraced the pace of the island.
Diving helped shape my thoughts and thirst for life. We could be anyone from anywhere - rich or poor, strong or weak, underwater, we were all equal. We are an insignificant part in the vastness of nature, a current could sweep us away no matter who we are. I learnt to be grateful and refused to take anything for granted. The fact that I could breathe, or control the movement of my limbs or even the fact that I had the privilege of staying on an island for months - I felt thankful to the universe for my present.
After a couple of years of this beautiful experience, I began my next escapade in fitness as I unravel the other beauty of this world - the wonderful paradise of yoga. I have been discovering myself all over again, like I never had before. Yoga has become a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of being. But that story for another time

- Myra 

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