High impact Padded Sports Bras to Ace Your Gym Workout

high impact padded sports bra

Sports bras have surely evolved so much since they first came out. There are now different sports bras for each type of workout nowadays! If you want to do heavy workouts but also simultaneously keep your body compact and your breasts supported, then you need a high impact padded sports bra is what you need. Opting for one can help maximise support, provide optimal bounce control and give you complete coverage. 

A high impact padded sports bra is a bra with strong, broad, and supportive straps, added security to keep your breasts from jumping during high impact activities like running, dancing, HIIT workout etc.

Like any other athletic gear, choosing your sports bra to support your physical activity is an absolute must. In this blog, let’s look into a few advantages of high impact padded sports bras and how it can help maximise your workout impact! 

Advantages of Wearing a high impact padded sports bra

Many women feel that heavy breast movements are a major cause of discomfort and pain during exercise. The pain can be quite severe for women with larger breasts, as the discomfort can be substantial. Supporting the chest and breast tissue is one of the main reasons to wear a high impact padded sports bra!

Most sports bra designs work by compressing your breasts, so they do not shift as much when you’re jumping or running. That’s why choosing a sturdy high impact padded sports bra to keep your breasts from bouncing can play a huge part in your well-being and health.

Besides offering the best support, high impact padded sports bras are also good for: 

  • Improving confidence: Heavy breast movement can make you feel self conscious and perhaps uncomfortable when working out, ruining your whole workout experience. A high impact padded sports bra gives you adequate support and confidence so you can move without any discomfort or distraction.
  • Preventing sagging: Although sagging breasts are completely normal over the course of one's life and cannot be prevented by wearing a bra, insufficient support during high impact exercises can aggravate the feeling of sagging. High impact padded sports bras have adequate padding and create optimal compression to keep your breasts in place.

 How to choose the best high impact padded sports bra? 

When it comes to choosing a high impact padded sports bra, here are a few key features to consider in order to choose the best.

  • Type

There are three major types of designs in sports bras – they provide either compression, encapsulation or a combination of both. 

Compression bras compress your breast against your chest wall to minimise bounce and movement. On the other hand, encapsulation bras have cups that shape and surround each breast to lessen the bounce. 

If you have a hard time choosing, why not choose a brand that does both? Compression-encapsulation bras provide the best of both worlds. This is perfect for any high impact exercises and breasts of all sizes.

  • Material

Choosing a material that is moisture-wicking is a very important part of choosing a sports bra. As high impact activities will leave you sweating, your bra must be made from material that is breathable and able to draw away moisture. Bras that are made with materials that retain moisture can leave you feeling icky and uncomfortable. Sometimes, they can even cause chafing.

  • Fit

The fit is an essential part of choosing a high impact padded sports bra, as an ill-fitting bra can leave you feeling unsupported and uncomfortable. 

  • Strap style

Choosing a bra with adjustable straps on the torso allows you to customise the fit according to your comfort. Even many traditional tank top-style sports bras come with racer back or criss-cross straps that offer extra compression and also provide variety to your wardrobe. 

Frequently asked questions about high impact padded sports bra:

  • When should you wear a high impact padded sports bra?

  • You should wear a high impact padded sports bra when running or while performing any court sports or intense cardio sessions, where your breast would tend to bounce with every step. A high impact bra controls your bust movement and helps enhance your performance. 

    What is the difference between a high impact padded sports bra and a low-impact sports bra?

    High impact padded sports bras are designed for intense workouts like running, skipping, etc., whereas low-impact sports bras are meant for less intense activities like yoga or stretching.

    How often should you wash your high impact padded sports bra?

    Washing your sports bra regularly is an absolute must if you are working up a sweat. Your regular bra can be washed after three wears, but a sports bra should be washed right after every workout.

    The best high impact padded sports bra

    If you are looking for a sports bra with substantial support, then The Ultimate Support Sports Bra by Bliss Club is among the most amazing high impact padded sports bra in India right now!

    The bra features lightly padded moulded cups with a highly supportive wide strap design that keeps your breasts in place, no matter what activity you do. The four-strap cross back with broad supportive straps provides you with optimal comfort. Meanwhile, the full coverage design ensures zero spillage from all sides! The material is made with a blend of 27% spandex and 73% nylon, making the bra super stretchy, lightweight, and luxurious. This brand comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from 32 B–38 DD! You can get this bra in two colours: black and a pretty blush pink. 


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