How to Pick the Best Sports Bra for Running

best sports bra for running

Women of today are always on the lookout for their movement and fitness regimen and running has become a popular one for women- either on the treadmill, or outdoors. However, it does not stop there. If you want to get into running, you'll soon realise you also need to be on the lookout for the right clothing for your regimen! 

Finding the appropriate apparel will make a big difference to how well or comfortable you are in your movement practice. Several kinds of sportswear are available, and they vary for different body types. The type of activewear you need, for example, sports bras, will also vary depending on the extent of physical activity you’re going to do. This is where it gets a little tricky– If you are a runner, then how to know what’s the best sports bra for running? 

If you’re a runner, comfort, support and durability is the winning combination that decides what the best sports bra for running is. While the style seekers may be more finicky about the colors or the style of the bra, comfort should be the bottom line while buying the best sports bra for running. Wearing a sports bra not explicitly designed for running can lead to skin chafing and other issues related to improper breast support. So, selecting a sports bra that is a perfect fit for your workout regimen is step number one.

Fortunately, the active life market now has a wide range to offer when it comes to sports bras for running. Here are a few pointers you need to cross off while looking for the best sports bra for running.

How to find the best sports bra for running? 

Running can be made easier using a supportive and comfortable sports bra. Consider certain parameters while selecting the best sports bra for running, like your body type, running duration and whether you will be running outdoors or indoors. 

Finding the right size is also obviously essential while choosing the best sports bra for running. Sports bras may have different measurements from the bras you’re accustomed to wearing on a daily basis. However, having a sports bra with cups that perfectly hold your breasts is essential. Therefore, check whether there are gaps or wrinkles in the cups – if so, go for a size smaller. The size is too small if your breasts are spilling out of the cups or you’re having difficulty breathing. 

With the cup size settled, the next focus should be on the sports bra’s straps. The best sports bra for running would not have straps too thin to handle your breast weight or too broad that they feel too suffocating or restricting. Hence, the band size is also an essential parameter for selecting the best sports bra for running. To check for the band size, slip two fingers under the band. While it should stick to your shoulders, if you can’t fit your fingers easily, or if the band rides up or shifts too much, the size needs changing. 

And after checking the size and fit, then don't forget to check the fabric! Go for fabrics that can handle heavy sweating without making you feel drenched. Moisture wicking fabrics are what you require, so a 100% cotton sports bra will not be an ideal choice. The goal is to keep you cool and dry when you are out on the run. If comfort is what you are looking at, then go for fabrics with no stitched lines. If you like such apparel, the underwire of the sports bra should be covered to prevent it from scraping against your skin.

High impact sports bra for running

Since running is a high intensity activity, a high impact sports bra is required to provide the perfect support. These are explicitly designed to minimise the bounce. Being more compressive, they are ideal for women in the fast lane or who have a penchant for running. They usually have wider shoulder straps with padding and underwires. With greater layering and binding, these high impact sports bras are decidedly the best sports bra for running and are a must for all women and especially for women with large breast sizes. 

Padded sports bras are among the best sports bras for running for those indulging in high intensity workouts. They are available in high impact varieties for running, aerobics, and plyometrics. The padded sheath of the sports bra prevents breast injuries by restricting its movement during high impact workouts like running. These also curb the breasts from sagging further, a major concern for women with a regular fitness regimen. So ladies, go ahead and make the right choice for the best sports bra for running.


What is the best sports bra for running for different body types? 

Don't forget to think of your own body type when looking for the best sports bra for running.

Best sports bra for running for petite runners:

Women with small cup sizes require a supportive, curved underband in their bras. A pullover-style bra (i.e., worn like a pullover instead of traditional hook closures on the sides) with a wider neckline and curved underband can suit A cup sizes. Another option for the best sports bra for running here is one with thinner straps and a sleek, minimalist design at the back. 

For high-intensity workouts like running, support is as essential as style, even for the more petite fitness lovers. Hence, compression sports bras with adjustable straps and bands could be a great find. An encapsulation-compression sports bra – which compresses your bust while keeping them firmly in place with separating cups – could be the right choice here too. 

Best sports bra for running for curvy runners:

For those with heavy breasts, support is essential. Sports bras with wide, padded straps that distribute the weight will be essential. Separate, well encapsulating cups for each breast are ideal for runners with DD and larger cup sizes (as opposed to a pullover style sports bra). Here, bras with clasps could give you the necessary support. 

Picking a highly supportive, encapsulation-compression sports bra is a wise choice here. Here’s why: Your breasts weigh a significant amount and are entirely made of muscles. So, they move independently from your body. When you run, this quick shifting and bouncing of the breasts cause excessive strain to its skin and weak ligaments. If they move more excessively, then the ligaments stretch to a point where your breasts and upper body would be in a lot of pain from the heavy movement.   

Hence, keeping the bounce locked is vital for the ladies. A full-coverage sports bra would indeed be the best sports bra for running for women with heavy breasts. So go for the best buy, ladies!

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