Every move you make is an asana

We’ve discovered that everytime we move, we create and discover our own asanas.
From ‘petasana’ when you play with your pets to ‘coffeeasana’ with your favourite cuppa, we’re here to celebrate your every single asana.
Find yours with us!

Join us for the first-ever Prop-a-yoga Session

✓Free virtual yoga session to explore easy-to-do asanas, with props you have at your home
✓Unique asanas that energise, strengthen and destress us, and aren’t taught anywhere else
✓Interactive session run by BlissGuru Sandhya
✓Limited-edition event t-shirts to 100 lucky attendees
✓Discount vouchers to everyone who attends

Date: Sunday, 19th June 2022
Time: 4 to 5pm