Sahana's Detour from PhD to Zumba

I was doing my PhD in space science while working with ISRO when I attended my first Zumba class. The situation quickly escalated,what was supposed to be an innocent one hour dance class, took the role of my “career cupid” and boy did his arrow land far far away from what I was doing then. There I was,a space scientist, also the daughter of space scientist, who was seriously considering being a full time Zumba (‘African dance’ as per my father) instructor. The decision to take up Zumba as a career was very instinctive, I guess I was going through a phase of depression in my life. But things changed after those classes, I felt pure joy while dancing, a whole new side of my personality surfaced. This life choice did not go down too well with my ultra-smart-rocket-scientist-father, and we were not on talking terms because of this. But I am a hopelessly hopeful person and knew I had stumbled upon the true love of my life in Zumba. I gave it all I got and travelled long distances to learn more about this fitness form. I often drove across the city of Bangalore to attend Zumba classes (for those who know of Bangalore’s notorious traffic, you would appreciate my 40km ride for a one hour dance class). I love the seamless interconnection of music and dance and the confidence building ability of Zumba. From attending classes - to becoming a certified teacher - to now training the teachers, I have come around a full circle in my journey with Zumba. I have always been known as “Jagannatha’s Daughter”, the other day someone met my father and asked if he was “Sahana Jagannatha’s father?” That night my father came to me and asked me “Sahana, tell me more about this thing that you teach..Zumba”. I guess that was the day my father had truly accepted my career choice." -Sahana Jagannatha follow @sahanajags

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