Being happy is not a state of mind, it is a journey. There are days when we feel on top of the world, when the sky is a little bluer and the trees a little greener, when the air smells almost sweet and everything is going our way. 
And there are also those days when we feel empty (for no reason), we feel exhausted and weighed down. Those days when we forget what it is like to feel happy. 
So how do we maximise our chances of having those “high” days so that they outweigh the inevitable lows?

We at BlissClub believe that simply moving our bodies contributes to happiness. How you ask?
Repeated movement releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy - bliss.

BlissClub is for all, 
not only for the “gymmers” “runners” or “players”
it is for the “movers” 

We are sick and tired of women's fitness being only about lifting 50Kg weights in the gym with 6 pack abs and perfect bodies. 99% of Indian women don't have perfect looking abs, should we not be celebrated? At BlissClub we celebrate all sorts of movement and cherish the journey of keeping active rather than the end result of how we look. All the beautiful ladies you see on our website are "WomenWhoMove". They may not have sculpted abs or biceps but they are women who enjoy the journey of movement. BlissClub is sisterhood of women who share, educate and motivate each other in this this beautiful journey to keep #MovingIt


It’s not about HOW WELL you move your body,
it’s about HOW OFTEN you do so

It's ok if you're not the fastest runner or the most graceful belly dancer, heck, it's ok if you can't run, dance or play! As long as we decide to move, and do so with consistency.
As women, we tend to
prioritise everyone else above ourselves and in the process, lose our relationship with ourselves - with our bodies. At BlissClub, we want to be part of every woman's journey in finding her happy place within.

We are on a mission to spread happiness through movement.

So go for a run or maybe a walk,
Take that yoga class you have been eyeing for long,
Try out for the football team, even if you don't think you stand a chance
You know, it’s never too late to learn to belly dance
At the gym, at your home,
At the park or in Rome
Wherever it be, whatever you do,
Just make sure you are #MovingIt