Jag's love for Afro-Latin Dancing

As part of my final year thesis for my degree in architecture, I was designing a dance academy. To conceptualise the design I had to learn about various dance forms, and that's how I ended up taking my first salsa lesson. I was a trained Indian classical dancer, it must have been this that immediately got me grooving pretty well to salsa music. In just one week, I was asked to become an instructor at that studio. I spent the next one year learning this dance form, not to teach but just out of curiosity. And thank god for that year, that’s the year I fell in love with Latin dance, which changed my life forever.

That year I decided to take part in the International Salsa Congress that was held in India. I was like “what the hell let’s do this”, it would be a great experience. So we trained like crazy for 3 months and participated in it. That was probably the best and worst experience I have ever had on stage. Worst - because my first performance on stage was a disaster, I felt embarrassed and had hit rock bottom, like Rachel from the TV show FRIENDS. Best - because I now had nothing to lose and I just wanted to prove everyone wrong. I got so damn determined to conquer this dance form, that when I got back from the competition, I quit my job without telling my parents and started training full time. We self-trained ourselves with a single-minded goal in mind- we had to crack this dance form. The next year we participated and won the “International Salsa Semi-Pro Couple Award”. I couldn't believe it, all the hours of hard work had paid off, I felt I had found my true calling.

There has been no looking back, I dived in to the deep end of the pool of dance. From Salsa to Zumba, Bachata, Kizomba, Tarraxo I was completely mesmerized by the world of dance, I also started my own school “Dance Jockey”. I always add my own style to any dance that I learn or teach, I have this undying need to take a dance form and sprinkle a dash of “Jags” to it. My love for setting trends and taking up challenges led me on a perennial cycle with dance - LEARN IT, MASTER IT, TEACH IT... REPEAT!” - Jags @i.am.jags

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