Hina's love for helping people through their fitness recovery process

I was looking around for some advice on nutrition and diet, when most recommendations led me to Avocados and Elderberries. This is India, we don’t get these fruits in our local markets. Why was no one speaking about nutrition and fitness in the Indian context? My visit to a gym turned out to be a very intimidating experience. But one thing that I found interesting was the science behind the alignment of the body, how the different muscles and bones worked in tandem to perform tasks. I knew I wanted to move and be fit, but more importantly the engineer in me wanted to learn the science behind it. These experiences led me to my journey to understand more about this space and also a job switch from being an engineer to a health and fitness expert.

I wanted breadth in my knowledge and so taught myself various forms of fitness from yoga and pilates to dance and sports rehab therapy. The joy of helping someone in their journey with fitness has been the most satisfying experience of my life. I started a fitness and rehabilitation centre called ‘Balance by Hina’ - the name stemming from the importance of balance in our body and minds to live a healthy life.
I once had a patient who came to me with shoulder pain. I asked him to look at himself in the mirror and notice if there was anything different. He had not noticed that one side of his shoulder was higher than the other. What was more surprising was that he was suffering from this for the past 12 years. He was offered multiple temporary fixes with intermittent relief but no one was looking at the larger picture. His muscles needed to be strengthened, this aspect is often ignored or left in the hands of the patient. We worked on strengthening his shoulders for a whole year till we permanently fixed this problem. It was a long journey but seeing the joy on his face was worth everything. I believe health and fitness is very much driven by science and at the core of it, our body and minds’ need to maintain an equilibrium, after all what is a world without ‘Balance’.  - Hina Gupta @hina.gupta09 in Instagram

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